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  Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4
BatteryLithium-ions, plug-in, max. 50 km range
EngineV ten-cylinder
Displacement5.200 cm³
Torque560 Nm
Performance514 kW (700 HP) at 8250 rpm
System performance449 kW (910 HP)
CO2-emission98 g/km
Drive trainMidsized engine, rear drive, Front-wheel drive by two electric motors
TransmissionDouble clutch seven-speed
BodyCarbon, Aluminum
DoorsSlightly inclined position when opening
Luggage compartmentOnly up front
Top speed320 km/h, 125 km/h (electrical)
Year of manufacture2014

Lamborghini's first hybrid

Because of the CO2 restrictions, the sports car company Lamborghini would nowadays associates no longer with manufacturers of smaller vehicles. One can also overcome the hurdles alone, such as shows the concept of the Asterion. The generates 98 g/km and therewith fits perfectly in the from saving 'threatened' time.

Ibrido (Italian for 'hybrid')

How well that it can exactly covers 50 km electrically. Then you namely know that the 98 g/km will exactly consumed for the remaining 50 kilometre, thus would have to be doubled in reality (= 8.24 l/100km). But we prefer to turn to the really pleasing sides of the Asterion.

Headlights with carbon fibre and titanium

The body appears more pleasing at first glance. The Y and hexagon strategy takes place in many details, but does not disturb the harmony of the overall impression. Maybe one remembers at Lamborghini, to have presented once extremely soft shapes, such as with the Miura. As long as there are not such softened as at the Diabolo ...

Air intakes with metal mesh and additional with titanium

But we deal first with the technology under the sheet metal (pardon carbon). Did you know that there is recently a Lamborghini with front drive? For that is really the mode at which two electric motors operate on the front axle and no one else. Only when there are more requirements to the torque, the V10 and possibly a further electric motor come into action.

Opening angle of the rear glass surfaces adjustable

Together a permanent all-wheel drive results then. The indeed is particularly complicated at a rear longitudinal engine in front of the rear axle. Since one prefers to invest the weight savings in rechargeable batteries that are placed in the centre tunnel in front of the engine, where otherwise the cardan shaft would run forward.

20/21 inch rims and carbon fibre inlets

Of course, the entire hybrid technology with 250 kg heavier than the saved mechanical front-wheel drive. Especially as there also is the third electric motor in the drive train between V10 and dual clutch transmission. The can also be used as a generator or starter. Thus come into existence the whole 449 kW (910 HP) system performance. Incredible 3 seconds should be possible from 0 to 100 km/h.

Little Italian flags in unexpected places

If, however, the performance approaches the of the Bugatti, the question is justified whether so does the purchase price. For the normal buyer this is a hypothetical anyway. However, no one is prevented to enjoy the outer shape and to note that there are only such cars because obviously people (can) afford such as second or third car and also let them care and maintain.

Leather Bianco Celaeno (ivory) and Marrone Attis (brown)

The description of the front contains the formulation, it is 'combined into a single component'. That naturally reminiscent of the Jaguar E, although its muzzle was even more opulent. Interestingly, when the perspective changes from round and evenly up to angular and rugged during the view from front on the front from the top down. Then resurfaces more Y motifs or hexagons.

Shape of the steering wheel is reminiscent of the Miura

Bulls form traditionally the basis for the attribution of Lamborghini models. This time, however, it is none who has actually lived. The name of Asterion is rather based on the myth of the Minotaur, whose birth name was used here. Like the vehicle unites two worlds in themselves, Asterion is a mythical creature half man (E technique) half bull (V10 naturally aspirated engine). 10/14

LamborghiniEstablished in 1963
FirmensitzSant'Agata Bolognese
Newest modelHuracán LP 610-4
V12 modelAventador LP 700-4
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