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2005 Bugatti 16.4 Veyron

According to the will of the VW group , which buys the name 'Bugatti' from the company of Romano Artioli 1998, it's the car, on which all others are measured. It will be presented on the auto show 1999 in Tokyo in the current outer form and is mainly the work of chefdesigner Hartmut Warkuss. The epithet 'Veyron' is reminiscent of the 1970 died racing driver Pierre Veyron. Although the Bugatti 57 GSC had won already two years earlier, the victory 1939 of Veyron together with Wimille at Le Mans is especially emphasized by the naming. The front runner of the automobile upper world has been in 1999 still the McLaren F1 1999.

Originally, the Bugatti has an engine with 18 cylinders. But the construction of three RV-cylinder banks on a crank drive is too complicate. Obviously modern cylinder heads need enough space, for its supply- and discharge system of gases has become increasingly complex. That would has become then a real W-Motor, now it's only one of two VR8 cylinder banks formed V, it will be presented at the IAA 2001 in Frankfurt.

Then it takes until 2005 before the first car will be delivered to customers. Many problems, inter alia with the need of enormous air in this power- and the tyres in this speed class, have left their mark. Admitted with one ignition key it is only up to 360 km/h, with a second are possible over 400 km/h after an additional, thorough check by the driver. However this only with "express surcharge" of up to 1 liter/km and can only be achieved if e.g. the air conditioning is switched off.

Not all owners test this high speed, how to listen. For the Bugatti also moves slow very nice. Then come better to advantage its flawless interior with fully lined leather and the combination of classical and modern design features. It remains a very high price as admission requirement for this pleasure. It must be interesting to see, how many investors such a car order to hire to the average consumer with the motto: Bugatti 16.4 Veyron - 1000 Euro/h.

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