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Lamborghini Silhouette

Lamborghini Silhouette
EngineV-eightcylinder (90°)
Displacement, bore*stroke2996 cm³ (86,0 mm * 64,5 mm)
Compression ratio10,1 : 1
Engine control2 * DOHC
Mixture preparation4 double carburetors
Torque291 Nm at 5750 rpm
Power191 kW (260 HP) at 7500 rpm
Car designBertone
TransmissionManual five speed
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTransversal, longitudinal arms
Wheelbase2450 mm
Turn radius70010 mm
Wheels f/r195/50 VR 15 (8")
285/40 VR 15 (11")
Pirelli P 7
Length4400 mm
Width1650 mm
Height1115 mm
Tank capacity80 liter
Kerb weight1240 kg + driver
Maximum speed260 km/h
Years of manufacture1976 - 1979

In principle, the car is built only 2 years, and then only 51 pieces. It will not pay even a factory for super sports cars. For Lamborghini it is once again badly. It is sometimes less a loss to buy noble sports car as such to build. It is still so bad for the company that not even money is available for the introduction/acceptance of their products in the U.S.. A disaster, because there are long traditionally the largest sales. Five long years, this remain.

First open Lamborghini (officially)

The silhouette is actually an open Urraco with a modified rear and interior. The rear seats have been eliminated and accommodate now the not very light fixed roof. The car is a little heavier by reinforcements, but with slightly more performance equal the Urraco. Note the large difference between front and rear tyre width, which can not clearly be declared with a weight distribution of 45 to 55%. The 4 steering wheel rotations from lock to lock surprise for a sports car. Surprising also the factory specifications for top speed. It is to be fast 260 km/h. His successor Jalpa is specified with less than 240 km/h with similar front design and engine.               Top of page               Index
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