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Lamborghini Countach

*Countach S Anniversary to celebrate 25 years of automotive production

Lamborghini LP 400/LP 400 S/LP 500 S/Anniversario
EngineV twelve-cylinder (60°)
Displacement3929/4754/5167 cm³
Bore * stroke82*62/85,5*69/85,5*75 mm
Cylinder blockAlloy, wet liners
Compression10,5/9,2/9,5 : 1
Engine control2 * DOHC (chain)
Valves2/4 per cylinder
Mixture preparation6 Weber twin carburetors, 2 electric delivery pumps
IgnitionDistributor, transistor
Cooling17 liters
Lubrication17 liters (including transmission, axle drive)
Torque361/410/500 Nm at 5500/4500/5200 rpm
Performance276/276/335 kW (375/375/455 HP)
Rated speed8000/7000/7000 rpm
ConstructionMid-engine (longitudinal) with rear drive, transmission before engine
ClutchSingle disc, dry, hydraulically operated
Axle driveLocking differential
Wheelbase2450 mm
SuspensionTriangle wishbone, rear double telescopic shock absorbers, coil springs
SteeringRack and pinion
Brakes f/rDiscs, internally ventilated, double circuit, brake booster
Tyres front205/50 VR 15 (8,5")
Tyres rear345/35 VR 15 (12")
DesignMarcello Gandini (Bertone)
FrameSteel tube
ConstructionSteel, aluminum
Length4140 mm
Width2000 mm
Height1070 mm
Fuel supply2 aluminum tanks below sideways in passenger compartment, total of 120 liters
Kerb weightApprox. 1490 kg + driver
Luggage compartment240 liters
Top speedJust under 300 km/h
Presentation1971 Autosalon Genf, study
Construction period1974 - 1990
Purchase priceApprox. 100.000 DM (1975)
VariantRear spoiler (-10 km/h)
Elektric12 V/ 55 Ah/ 1190 W

Transmission before mid-engine -> good circuit

With this car will not be made any compromises concerning the arrangement of the power drive. The engine behind the front seats transmits its torque to a transmission before in a broad center tunnel. Then it is through the oil pan to the rear, where at the end of the engine is arranged the final drive. No component of the power drive is behind the rear axle. Here is room for a little hot, but with 240 liters quite spacious luggage compartment.

Countach -> 'Kuuuntasch' = Astonished exclamation in Piemont

A somewhat unusually start to the description of a vehicle which arouse much interest alone by its proportions. It is the time in the world that less than 10 cars are at least two meters wide. And such a small height and contours is probably even more rare. It appears for its time like from another planet. Other manufacturers are presenting such thing utmost as a study.

Design versus aerodynamics

Although the individual sections inside of the car are clearly separated from each other, it acts on the outside like an enclosed space. How can a body made for high speed be so edgy? The top speed points not exactly of a low air resistance. Even the air vents looks as if they were designed for an industrial air conditioning. In truth they are only later added to the original draft. Such an engine needs a lot of air.

The dominance of the form

Only on closer inspection you will see curved lines. And not all the straight lines point in the same direction. Thus for example the front opening hood is trapezoidal cut out towards the shape of the front end. Square intakes meet round. Even in the interior one feels the dominance of the design. A very simple held door covering, view is only forward and for larger people it is a bit narrow.

Elastic, but a noisy engine, hard spring system

Although the twelve-cylinder engine can be accelerated even with a large force of 60 km/h on, its domain is the higher speed level. Give in a low gear full throttle and you have to keep your senses together. The enormous engine noise one may not discourage a early enough good time of switching. The chassis is still more uncompromisingly. Is it possible to move the engine slowly and without any problems, you also can feel the adamant spring system.

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