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1990 Lamborghini Diablo

The slightly extended layout has been adopted from the Countach, the design by Marcello Gandini entirely new. The aim is to develop the fastest production car ever. For this purpose, the displacement is enlarged up to 5.7 liters and provided with (lambda controlled) injection. The manufacturer points out that this car despite the high performance meets all noise and emission standards of the time. The following picture shows the first version with pop-up headlights.

Model versions
1990Diablo, two-wheel drive
1991Diablo VT, four-wheel drive
1995Diablo SV
1995Diablo roadster
1996Diablo SV-R
1997Diablo GT, 6,0L-engine

Two years before the presentation of the GT the company is assumed by the VAG group and Audi gets influence on its development. The quality improves. Also been the VT's four-wheel technology is better to handle. The roadster is then also available as VT. Overall, Diablo is produced for a long time, because the new owner probably needs a little more time for the successor Murcielago.

Recognizable is the stronger engine by larger oil cooler under the front hood. There is only enough space left for a special briefcase. Even the interior offers any solution. But there are wonderful coatings made from leather, Alcantara and even carbon. Extra luxury is seen as not necessary. Who needs a radio having the sound of a six-liter V12 behind his neck? The engine is lighter than its predecessor by the exterior use of magnesium and titanium for the conrods. 05/16

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