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Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago 670-4 SV
EngineV twelve-cylinder (60°)
Displacement, bore*stroke6496 cm³ (88,0 mm * 89,0 mm)
Compression ratio11 : 1
Torque660 Nm at 6500 rpm
Power492 kW (670 HP) at 8000 rpm
TransmissionSequential six speed
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionLateral arms
BrakesDiscs, ventilate, ceramic
Wheelbase2665 mm
Turn radius12550 mm
Wheels f/r245/35 ZR 18 (8,5")
335/30 ZR 18 (13")
Length4705 mm
Width2058 mm
Height1135 mm
Tank capacity100 liter
Kerb weight1765 kg incl. driver
Maximum speed342 km/h
ManufactureSince 2009
Purchase price357.000 Euro

No, the name Super Veloce (super-speed) is nothing new with Lamborghini. It has been used to distinguish Lamborghinis ever since the Miura, of which they were especially proud because, for the first time, the 300 km/h v/max. was achieved. Nowadays, speed is not everything, one must also be able to control it. Therefore, one can chose from two different rear spoilers and only with the smaller one (see figure) are about 10 km/h more, compared with the standard- Murcielago, possible.

More important is the weight reduction by about 100 kg, of which one third each comes from the interior, the drive train, including exhaust system and the construction (tubular frame) with the now rigid rear spoiler. Indeed, the sound- and the navigation equipment have disappeared from the interior. Is the navigation- system that heavy?, no, but now it is an extra, which must be bought for €4165! Apparently those who drive a Murcielago SV, know exactly where they want to go, and for sound equipment, well, they have the engine! Not much can be accommodated in the small, front luggage compartment anyhow, thus the variety of uses, is pretty much limited.

In built up areas, the vehicle with this spoiler is hardly usable. Apart from the especially high consumption in urban traffic, the overall view of the front and rear is also difficult in spite of it having a camera for reversing. If one has a passenger, one doesn't even have anywhere to put ones jacket in the interior. No, whoever owns this car, is either looking for a challenge after a stressful days work, is proud of it, or is waiting for the value to increase, this however, is a little difficult at a purchase price of over €300,000, abroad, sometimes even distinctly higher. However, the change-over to the heavier, but more comfortable standard seats, is without extra cost.

The interior space is still narrow. People who are over 1.80 metres tall, seem to be rather undesirable. The large wheel housings also do their bit towards cramping the leg room, even though the tyre size has not be altered. The gearbox, mounted horizontally, in front of the engine, keeps the two occupants a good distance apart. It is astonishing that a car like this does not have, or need ESP? In fact, why is the choice, between driving comfort and motor sport, also in the case of the chassis, as it is with Ferrari, not left to the owner?. There is a certain amount of comfort, and one is confident that the system will switch over, if necessary, as quick as a flash, to hard suspension.

However, we are probably only commenting on the envy of the 'have nots'. After all is said and done, for nearly 8 years now, this vehicle provides for breathtaking styling which makes it virtually impossible, e.g., to get anywhere near one at the trade fairs. Coming to the upwards opening doors and the nose which is pushed forward in the middle, by the way, also as far the seats are concerned, an unequalled tilting has taken place. Being viewed from behind, this begins with the front spoiler, continues on to just before the back wheels, behind the rear side windows and above the engine where it reaches its climax.

Even the exhaust system must submit not only to weight reduction, but even moreso, to the design. It has, as far as standard sports cars go, more than likely, the largest exhaust pipe diameter. In the future, it can be repaired from the inside. Hopefully, the mechanic doesen't forget any tools in there. The large diffuser has probably edged out the exhaust system. The aerodynamics are becomming more and more important.

The series is limited, only 350 examples should be sold. It looks as if this will, once again succeed, in spite of the economic crisis. At least, the weight-saving measures have led to the fact that the ridiculous 'sound design' nonsense has been removed from the exhaust system. Thus, even on days when you have a migraine, Lambos can now, be driven at half the revs. in a fairly civilised fashion. 10/09               Top of page               Index
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