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2011 Lamborghini Aventador

The Aventador replaced the Murcielago in the spring of 2011 after almost 10 years and more than 4,000 units produced. It is not all, but very much new on this Lamborghini. The classic engine has only retained its capacity, otherwise almost everything is different. It has completely new dimensions, is designed differently because of the higher loads. Of course, they have also passed it fuel-saving measures, such. a possible shutdown of six cylinders and the new possibilities of valve control.

The chassis is now divided into three parts with a passenger compartment made of carbon fiber and aluminum frames for the engine, front and rear axle. There are now horizontal Pushrods from racing collection. This saves the unsprung masses. Overall, the Aventador has slimmed down significantly compared to the Murcielago.

This also affects the transmission, contrary to the trend not equipped with a double clutch. It could be called an automated manual transmission, if it were not for an increase of shift rods, which allows an independent removal of one and engaging of another gear. The whole culminates in almost the dual clutch transmissions similar shifting times with however much less weight. Lamborghini emphasizes the special adaptation of this transmission for the Aventador.

According to factory specifications, the Aventador is 140 kg lighter.

It is the sixth generation of V12 Lamborghinis. The Aventador looks smaller than the Murcielago, e.g. through a less clunky tail. The headlights in front are a little bit more bizarre shaped. The sharp protruding edges in the front are probably due to legal regulation in relation with those at the bottom spoiler. There is a concave edge in the roof, strengthened towards the rear, just between the two passengers. This ends in a suitably shaped, extendable spoiler.

Legendary the start button on the center console, before the operation you first have to fold the red cover forward. Otherwise many buttons and in contrast to the outside less 'Y'. The display behind the steering wheel is plentifully colored, engine speed and gear indicator large, speedo very small. The entry/exit requires, despite or because of the sliding doors a certain agility. 07/18

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