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2003 Lamborghini Gallardo

Of course, the Gallardo (pronounced 'Gajardo') is also named after a bull race, this time a famous of the 18th century. Otherwise however, Audi is noticeable in this car. You can feel it already at the aluminum technology in the body. Away with the upward-opening doors, the car occupants brought into trouble when parking and attempted direct view to the rear. The engine is replaced by a captive deduced derivative, as sister of the Audi eight cylinder to manufacture probably cheaper, but in the performance scarcely seems to be inferior. Oh, a look at the instruments one reminds Audi again which in this case is not a disadvantage based on the visibility and the haptic. Italian design with German productivity could be a success if no one cuts off the other's neck.

Also Audi typical is the relatively low acquisition price. But not only the prices of the suppliers could be cheaper but also their quality will be better by the pressure of a large company. However, the incredibly long options list, too. Interestingly, the sequential gearbox for 'only' 11.000 € surcharge. Or the exactly fitting suitcases for 3.400 €. The biscuit takes the transparent hood for € 4.780. As we are talking about the prices: The fuel consumption probably plays in such a car a secondary role, but one must calculate with values above 15 liters per 100 km , in city traffic gradable to almost the double.

Not exactly typical Audi is the practice with the car. Who switches than of almost 300 km/h to the highest gear, even if it is a six-speed transmission? Here, the relatively long transmission ratio of the Gallardo comes to fruition. In view of current discussions, one could even ask the question, why it must change to the highest gear at full speed. But such an exciting car probably is not compatible with overdrive considerations.

Not an easy exercise that a mid-mounted engine can mutate to an all-wheel. The engine is in the way. Porsche's up with the rear engine much easier. So branches, in the coaxial transmission longitudinally arranged behind the rear axle, immediately before the inlet of the output shaft in the axle drive, a positive connection, passed in front of the right engine side and ends up in four (!) joints in the middle of the front axle. It is not possible under the engine because here all resources were used, for example dry sump lubrication, to place it as low as possible. It is surprising that there still is a manual gear changing for the car.               Top of page               Index
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