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1963-1973 Development
2016 Huracan Spyder
2018 Urus
2014 Asterion
2013 Huracan
2012 Aventador j
2011 Aventador
2009 Murcielago Sup.vel.
2007 Reventon
2007 V 12
2007 V 10
2005 Gallardo Spyder
2005 Gallardo
2005 Concept S
2000 Murcielago Roadster
2000 Murcielago
1996 Audi
1995 Cala
1990 Diablo
1986 LM 002
1982 Jalpa
1976 Silhouette
1974 Countach
1973 Urraco
1970 Jarama
1968 Espada
1968 Islero
1966 Miura
1966 400 GT Monza
1965 400 GT
1964 350 GT
1963 350 GTV Prototype

  Lamborghini V12

Look at the engine and consider, it could be one of the prototypes, a V12 engine in 1963 already, midsized in front longitudinally mounted. It has 3.5 liters and achieves 200 kW (270 hp).

In the Miura it has instead of six double four triple carburetors. But more important its other mounting position, now rear transversally, but still a midsized engine with 4 liters total capacity and 257 kW (350 hp).

It has once again changed its position thoroughly, still mounted before the rear axle, but in the longitudinal direction. Strangely enough, it pushes the transmission ahead of it. It is told a much more accurate shifting than in the Miura. It also doesn't heat the interior so much and it produces more silence, too. However, the entire package is now less compact.

It begins at least as a production vehicle with the same four liters as its predecessor, but with 276 kW (375 hp) at 7000/min. However, not only the displacement increases in 1985 to 5.2 liters, but also the number of valves from 24 to 48 (QV). The result is 335 kW (455 hp) at the same speed.

This is now the 6L version in Diablo as the short time fastest production sports car in the world. Here then is already effective exhaust detoxication in the form of 3-way catalytic converter and lambda control. The corresponding fuel injection is also supplied into markets, not requiring an exhaust gas control.

This picture, however, shows the same engine, more apparent with the auxiliary units and especially with oil pan cut open, in which you can see the drive shaft from the transmission in front to the rear final drive. With the Diablo VT a front-wheel drive is added. In Murcielago or Aventador (pictured below), it then performs with 6.5 liter displacement and more than double the original power. Beneath this the development in table form. 05/16

Lamborghini V-12 GT 350/LP 750-4
EngineV-twelve (60°)
Displacement3.464/6.496 cm³
Bore * stroke77*62/88*89 mm
Crankshaft7 main bearings
Compression ratio9,5 / 11,8 : 1
Engine control4 * dohc (chain)
Valves4 per cylinder
Mixture preparation6 Double carburettors/Multipoint injection
LubricationDry sump
Torque344/690 Nm at 5400/5500 rpm
Performance199/515 kW (270/700 HP)
Nominal speed6500/8400 rpm