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  CitroŽn Rosalie

CitroŽn Rosalie
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1.767 cm≥
Compression ratio5,6 : 1
Performance24/26 kW (32/36 HP) at 3200 rpm
Drive trainFront engine with rear drive
Wheelbase2.700/3.000 mm
Suspension f/rRigid axle, leaf springs
Length4.240/4.570 mm
Width1.670/1.720 mm
Height1.680 mm
Tank capacity45 litres
Kerb weight1.350 kg + driver
Maximum speed100/110 km/h
Manufactured1932 - 1934

Its presentation happened in difficult times, still clearly in the time of the most serious international economic crisis of the century. It forms the cheapest part of the Citroen program that time, often only intended to convince the customer on the sales floor of a more expensive model.

But it also had its own charm, received even an independent front wheel suspension in 1934. The body has been praised for its stability. Unfortunately, did not last the great interest as at its first introduction. Also the at Citroen usual sales campaign, planned to the last detail, did not proved ultimately to be successful.

In the greatest need the Avant Traction was presented with very short preparatory period and because of its advanced design only almost no interest remained for Rosalie. Nevertheless, it was further manufactured until the war, mainly because of their ability to change e.g. as van, incidentally, also in several foreign plants. 04/14