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1919 CitroŽn Typ A

CitroŽn's preferred colour at that time: yellow

This is the first CitroŽn at all. And another first: the assembly line will be taken over from America and is used with this car in Europe for the first time. But it has yet another highlights, e.g. detachable wheels. To date, one has to perform the tyre change very often necessary at the to the axle fixed associated rim. A real spare wheel is now possible, which is fastened with four screws.

Also in the field of electrics the construction is entering new territory. Instead of using acetylene the headlight shines with light bulbs now. And certainly not a matter of course is the starter in this country. The crank is partly retained. at CitroŽn until long after 1945, for emergency situations. 24,000 pieces of this car built from 1919 to 1922, the company bring to the top of European manufacturers. 02/08