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CitroŽn 2 CV - World Trip

The journey of Jean Claude Baudot and Jacques Séguéla with their 2 CV began on the Motor show in 1958 in Paris and led them directly southward across the Mediterranean from Algeria to South Africa. From there they went by ship to South America and drove north, direction New York and from there to San Francisco. With the next boat they continued their journey to Yokohama in Japan, in order to return to Paris in November of the following year. They covered approx. 100,000 km and the 2 CV consumed roughly 5000 litres of gasoline. Almost unintentionally, the height record for motor vehicles was topped.

Baudot and Séguéla wrote down their experiences in a book (ISBN 3-613-01014-3). It is definitely not enough to represent such a journey in sober numbers. And this was not even the most extreme part. Later on, they experienced mud river crossings in the jungle in the tempest, assaults, privations, total isolation and many, many other adventures. Once the oil filler neck became loose due to the vibrations and the oil loss was not discovered until there were suspicious noises from the engine compartment. Since bananas were the only available tool, they forced them into the sump, thereby most likely raising the surface of the remaining oil so strongly that the pump was able to suck it in again, making driving possible again. Even the French embassies of the different countries were not always able to solve the financial problems on this journey. For instance, it seems that the company CitroŽn helped them with a new framework and engine when they got stuck in New York.