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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

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  Citroen C1

Citroen C1
Displacement999 cm³ (three-cylinder - petrol)
Performance50 kW (68 HP) at 5750 rpm
CO2-emissionFrom 88 - 99 g/km
TransmissionManual five-speed, optional automated
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTwist-beam axle
SteeringGear rack
Wheelbase2.538 mm
Turning circle9.600 mm
Wheels165/65 R 14 oder
165/60 R 15
Length3.460 mm
Width1.62 mm
Height1.45 mm
Tank capacity50 litres
Trunk volume min/max196/780 litres
Payload377 kg
Kerb weightFrom 840 kg incl. driver
Year of manufactureFrom 2014
Purchase priceFrom 9.450 Euro

Again offer as a three-and five-door

Interestingly, the 'dwarf' is available with a reversing camera. And you do not need an ignition key. You can order it with heated seats and memory function for the front seats. But in its base price is included no air conditioning. After all, also conscious energy saver can then decide against an air conditioner, but should drive the car for a long time, because to sale it is then only to like-minded people.

As after the facelift in 2012, at the technology of the car has really changed little. It is still the famous engine from the Japanese Toyota Group (Daihatsu), what need really not to be a disadvantage. It reaches 'unfortunately' in its current form all emission standards and low CO2 emissions.

Too bad, because one would like to compare it with the new three-cylinder engine in the Opel Adam, but therefore it would have to have direct injection. Instead, Citroen presents a modified design, over that you should make a assessment yourself. Compare with the model 2012 (picture below).

It is also not an easy task, a car with so little car body shell to change within two years twice. The design ambition it is probably this time, to integrate the C1 in the Citroen family. It also moves away from his direct 'brother' Peugeot 108. However, it also has the advantage of the useful open Airspace variant, not quite convertible, with 760 mm length maybe a little more than ordinary sunroofs.

Exterior colours

In addition to at Citroen in various forms occuring variant with four openings in the sheet metal skin up front for the lighting technology, to it were also given chromed window sashes, in this version, fortunately still in moderate dimensions. The possibility of two exterior colours at black A-pillars brings life and also the more colourful and therefore less dreary dashboard.

Textile roof in ...

Stop, still a little to the details. The rear axle shall be lighter by 4 kg. Hopefully it is something better protected against corrosion. But what is even more important: The power steering shall have been revised. Their relative insensitivity was criticized sometimes. And then there's the 7-inch touch screen. We will see how well one can keep up with the much more rapidly progressive modernity of smartphones.

Just like at the 108 is by the way offered also a three-cylinder with 1.2 liter displacement and 60 kW (82 hp) in France. It, too, remains below 100 g/km, but has a much better torque of 118 Nm. 02/14