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1934 Citroën Traction Avant

The Citroën Traction Avant (front drive) was produced from 1934 until the Second World War and afterwards until 1957. The first series starting from 1934 became known as 7 CV with 1302 cc and as 11 CV with 1628 cc. It had an automatic transmission as an option and was considered not very perfected (see Monsieur Lecot further below!). Citroën was in bad shape at the time of development of this model and the Avant Traction was something like the knight in shining armour. The special feature of it was next to the self-supporting body, the independent suspension and the hydraulic brake, the installation of the transmission in front of and the engine longitudinally behind the front axle. The car became lighter by eliminating the propeller shaft.

The engine of the car pictured below was a four-cylinder 1911 cc and 43 kW (58 HP). At the three-speed manual transmission were synchronized the second and third gear. The car was manufactured with short and long wheelbase, which increased the seating capacity generously. The cockpit was revised and implemented with a flasher relay in 1952, previously direction indicators were still common. The spare wheel was mounted on the tailgate to 1952 and the windshield wipers had their pivot point above the windscreen. With the so-called trunk model was subsequently created a larger luggage compartment. From the front you can identify it by the windshield wipers below the windscreen. As a special comfort in the previous models, one could fold the windshield below to the outside.

Here you can see how the blocked drive composed of three-speed transmission forward the front axle and line engine longitudinally behind is connected to the body. The picture below shows the quite aerodynamic, relatively smooth floor to the rear axle. Overall, the construction were certified so good handling characteristics for the time that it was designated, because of their skills as a getaway car also as a 'gangster sedan'.

Do you know Monsieur Lecot? If you are interested in the further history of the Avant Traction, you'll get to know him. He has probably tested most intensively the car, when he drove with it 400,000 km 1935 in one year. Since he made it a point, to sleep at night albeit shortly in his bed, he returned every evening after 1,200 kilometers traveled via Paris and Monte Carlo back home in Lyon.

That was probably the most unusual advertising campaign for a car at all. An independent inspector always drove with him who was able to confirm afterwards the correct distance traveled. Monsieur Lecot was known like a sore thumb in that year. His average speed was 65 km/h and he is said to have had an accident only two times. 04/14

Vehicle-owner: Andreas Pohl


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