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  Citroën Méhari

The Dyane 6 was clearly intended for the less affluent and some intellectuals. This can not be said for the Mehari. This car meets mostly tourists e.g. on the south coast of France. Here it is also used by middle and upper class of French society. However, it is not very well treated. Usually without roof with forward folded windshield, it serves as an enlarged shopping cart without reference to a specific owner. The access without door is simple and one leaves often the key stuck

In the picture above is seen the Azur of 1983 as a special model. The German Citroën interested know about it only few, since none of the original Meharis is allowed to be imported. The plastic construction is considered inflammable. Among you find the carefully refined 2CV-chassis with uprated engine. In general, for the Mehari is relatively little facelift. Rust sure, however, it was by no means because of the steel chassis.

In the pictures at the top, the Azur from 1983 can be seen as a special model. The German Citroën interested knows little about it, because none of the original Méharis have been introduced there. The plastic structure was considered flammable. Among them is the carefully developed 'duck chassis' with performance-enhanced engine. In general, there was relatively little model maintenance for the Méhari.

The main change is to install an additional drive train to the rear axle. A subsequent two-speed gearbox extends the three lowest gears with shorter transmission possibilities. It develops a propeller shaft tunnel and one similiar the front axle drive rear, but with lock. As well, that front and rear axles are so similar and therefore easy to replace. There remain the general disadvantages of four-wheel, a 160 kilograms higher weight and poorer road performance.

The reasonably legitimate successor . . .

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