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  Citroen C4 Cactus

It wants to be lightweight, but it is not.

Although the 136th is not a milestone birthday of company founder Andre Citroen, but, nevertheless, the company uses 5 February to introduce the C4 Cactus. In French, the rear syllable after the 'C quatre' will significantly more emphasized in 'Cactus'. You can view the demonstration in the first video below.

Also interesting is the selection of cars that roll before the Cactus on the stage. After the 5CV with boat tail the 2CV has a long performance. The following are the Berlingo and some other Citroen, but the Cactus is obviously intended to build on these two. It will be difficult to achieve the competitive price of the one and the loading volume of the other.

This should be an attempt of simplicity the comes on the market in September. The car has used the Auto Salon in Geneva to become known. It wants to be practical by urethane airbumps outside and filled with air by their shaping meet specific design requirements. It has also been proven already to be worth the money and together with white base colour the brown looks good on the car (as one of four possible colours).

Whether they are now also strategically distributed that they for example, in practice, really protect against "Parkrempler", that's debatable. Also inside it is contradictory. Loops on the doors (Figure 14) and single seats, which will almost to a bank with additional cushion, but raise questions about the practicality. Otherwise, however, the dashboard acts by no means poor, with the 2CV neither related nor related by marriage.

You might think it when you see the rear not retractable, only exhibitable side windows. There is more forgivable the rear bench seat puttable down only in one piece. And the passenger airbag, the, by placing behind the sun visor relieved the dashboard, may even serve as a model. A highlight is the glass roof, which can waive on blinds by the integrated thermal protection.

One manages with two flat screens, a small behind the steering wheel and the with 7 inch slightly larger as touch screen 'free-floating' above the center console. This saves control buttons, except at the steering wheel. The automated transmission should likewise facilitate the operation, but certainly not have the best sales price. Not everything makes sense at first glance, but it is tastefully designed. The new rims fit in the design image (Picture 1).

From the idea of the two superimposed arranged headlamps have become nearly three. However, the height will not used, because the undoubtedly pretty LED daytime running lights are arranged very top. The high prow should increase pedestrian's safety. The individual components fit in this car together about as well as the cactus to the lemons. 04/14

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