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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

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2012 DS 5 Hybrid 4
2001 C5
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Citroën CX

Citroen CX 1974
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Engine control
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
Transmission4-/5-speed, automatic (+2000 DM)
Front suspensionWishbone
Rear suspensionLongitudinal link
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Wheelbase2.845-3.095 mm
Length4.660-4.920 mm
Width1.760 mm
Height1.360 mm
Drag coefficient0,39
Tank capacity68 litres
Load volume520 litres
PayloadApprox. 700 kg
Kerb weight1385 kg + driver
Top speed
Purchase price*
Year of manufacture1974-89, Break until 91

1976Takeover by Peugeot
1976Introduction Break (+720 DM)
1977Petrol injection
1978Fastest diesel passenger car
1978First rally successes
1979OHC petrol engines
1981TRX safety tyres
1982Diesel with turbocharger
1982Closes plant in Paris
1984GTI with turbocharger
1985First French vehicle with ABS
1985Introduction series 2
19853 body variants, 6 engines
19875 year warranty against rusting
1987Again fastest diesel passenger car

A famous design to lead in the next generation, is not an easy task. But first a look under the sheet metal. To create more space inside, from the longitudinal engine behind the front axle will an even still inclined forwards transversely before it.

Otherwise, much remains as it was. Once again, the only semi-monocoque body with wide, flat carriers from the rear side to the front axle and beyond, bolted with the actual body. It remains at four cylinders, if only because of the transverse engine, sufficient thanks to a once again remarkable aerodynamics.

Introduction and advancement of the diesel engine

Nevertheless, something new is introduced at Citroen, namely the diesel engine developed from the petrol engine. Does not seem to fit together at first glance, but the body helps the nominally weaker diesel at reasonable performance. At all, the car engine gets a lot of praise as firstling of a company until now not active in this field.

The attractive further developed body extends far forward via the drive and has at large wheelbase only little rear overhang. There is then just enough space for a reasonable luggage compartment, especially because at the saloon the rear seat backrest is strangely not foldable. It has also never received a rear flap. However, the all-round visibility is due to the narrow roof supports quite well despite almost 5 meters in length.

One cannot see it by looking at the CX, but some is still based on the Avant Traction from 1934. The had the revolutionary new front drive. The ID/DS series brought the hydropneumatics and the CX the substantially increased interior. They all remain, however, at the four-cylinder which is even multiple improved. Reflex/Athena come up with a significantly altered OHC aluminum engine only in 1995.

Because of the large production period, there is a series 2. They can be recognized at the revised bumpers from the outside and inside by the disappearance of the loupe display (image 6). However, still missing turn signal and e.g. also the windshield wiper lever. While the GTI descends, the Diesel with intercooler and more power is enhanced.

Finish, Durability for car class not quite sufficient ...

Of course, the car also has its quirks. For the desired upper middle class ventilation, heating and cooling are not sufficiently. Rust is an important issue, but with it have to fight even premium suppliers such as Mercedes and Porsche at that time. The painting processes were respectively improved in 1981 and 1986. Actually, this means that each CX should have a cavity protection. 08/14

Against the habit ...
Very low getting into the vehicle
Loupe instead of speedometer
Single-arm steering wheel
Car rises after starting
No indicator reset
Very direct Servo steering
Hydropneumatic noises
Excellent brakes