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1986 Citroën AX

Produced nearly 2.5 million cars.

In mid-1986 appeared as successor to the hapless and somewhat faceless LNA. One could notice a certain similarity to the BX at the engine bonnet drawn down between the headlights. Also the single-arm wipers and the one-spoked steering wheel indicated to the manufacturer Citroën. Thereto matched the favourable kerb weight and the extremely good cW value for a small car of that time.

Praised for its frugality.

A brand-typical detail has disappeared, the operation satellite. Probably nobody bemoaned the loss of it. A Citroën now looked inside more similar to other cars, basically it even appeared tidier with simple things. The slightly rounded rectangle dominated (Figure 8). The sense of space was naturally up front somewhat more comfortable for two adults than rear. Even in the luggage compartment was formed by folding a flat surface.

In autumn the five-door version was presented. At the same time the front doors lost the much beloved capacity for 1.5-liter bottles. Here 'resided' from now loudspeakers. In addition, there were the stronger GT with changes up front and in the interior. There was a diesel engine since 1988, the is later replaced by a larger one. During the long construction period there was an E version (top) and even a 4x4 version.

Engine11 kW, DC
Battery120 V, 1,2 kWh
RangeApprox. 80 km
Top speedApprox. 90 km/h
Kerb weight   Approx. 1.000 kg

In its background however, there was a lot of Peugeot. There one had just changed the transversely mounted engine to a gear arrangement next to and no longer behind the engine. Also the engines came naturally from Peugeot, basically the entire undercarriage including the trailing arm rear suspension. On the other hand, that was the key to success and various further development. 09/16