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  CitroŽn DS World Paris

Earlier, it actually used to be more fun, to stroll along the Champ-…lysťes. The big car manufacturers had their showrooms between the many exclusive shops. There was always something interesting to look at.

CitroŽn Is trying to bring the tradition back to life again. Although not in the famous avenue, but still not far away. Since 2013, the DS World can be found in No. 33 The Rue FranÁois the 1st, a sort of luxury boutique, where one can also order a new car.

The combination of the initials DS is also a pretension. It refers to the former model called the 'Goddess'. Indeed, the big DS can't really fulfill this claim. CitroŽn is too bound to the platforms of Peugeot, in this case, probably that of the 3008.

Their will to break away is obvious but difficult to implement. A hard steel springing as a replacement for the expected hydro-pneumatic suspension, is simply not enough.

DS World Paris is apparently, more than just a selling point in an attractive neighbourhood, Although 80% new customers doesn't sound bad at all. Here, artists present their work, indeed, also hair-stylists and confectioners. Furthermore, various objects (see picture) offer the possibility, of getting back to the old values. 12/14