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CitroŽn DS 19 Cabrio

CitroŽn DS 19 Cabrio
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1985 cm≥
Bore * stroke86 * 85,4 mm
Main bearings5
Compression8,75 : 1
CylinderCast iron
Engine controlOHV (timing chain)
Valves2 per cyl., V-form, rocker
Mixture preparationSingle venturi carburetor
Tank capacity64 litres
Cooling systemFluid
Torque144 Nm at 3500 rpm
Performance62 kW (84 HP) - SAE
Rated speed5250 rpm
Drive trainMid-mounted engine, longitudinal, front-wheel drive
TransmissionFour-speed, semi-automatic transmission
Length4800 mm
Width1790 mm
Height1470 mm
WeightApprox. 1400 kg + driver
Maximum speed160 km/h
Construction period1961 - 1971

This is not a car, but an artwork

The basic structure of the DS is very suitable for transforming it into a Convertible. It is an extraordinary car with sufficient length, frameless doors, and a semi-automatic and - as of 1961 - an even more futuristic instrument panel. Anyways, there is just a plastic roof supporting the body, which is drafted according to the principle of frameworks and a body shape structures. There is not too much support strength that has to be shifted from the roof elsewhere. CitroŽn did not build many convertibles up until 1961.

This particular one was introduced also due to the strong commitment of the body shop owner Henry Chapron. It is - like numerous other coupes and convertibles, a special design. Unfortunately, the convertible was not blessed with impressive sales numbers, and was thus not pursued further.

Can also illuminate around the bend