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  Peugeot Boxer

EngineIn-line four-cylinder (Diesel)
Engine controlDOHC, 4V, chain
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
Wheelbase3.000/3.450/4.035/4.350 mm
Turning circle11.260-14.240 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson spring struts
Rear suspensionRigid axle, leaf springs, air suspension (option)
SteeringGear rack, servo, speed dependent (option)
Brakes f/rDisks
Tyres215/70 R 15 C bis
225/75 R 16 C
Length4.963/5.413/5.998/6363 mm
Width2.050 mm
Height2.254/2.522/2.764 mm
Tank capacity60/90/120 litres
Load volume8.000-17.000 litres
Payload1115 - 1900 kg
Kerb weight
Top speed
Purchase priceFrom 29,452 euros (incl. VAT)
Year of manufactureFrom 2014
*Box wagon

New headlights now characterise the face of the Boxer with a number of individual lights as daytime running lights, but not in the standard version. Case of the box wagon, the huge front bumper remains unpainted in the basic equipment for logical reasons. There is a sliding door on the right side, one for the left side can be ordered in addition. Both give free an opening of up to 1250 mm, by which a Euro pallet of 1200 x 800 mm fits in regardless of direction. In a load compartment width of 1870 mm also two can be placed side by side, however, between the wheel arches (1420 mm) in other direction.

Four lengths and three heights are available. Both rear wing doors can be opened up to 260° (+350 €) wide. Due to appropiate construction of the rear axle is the loading height, at best, less than half a metre, with the option 'hydraulic suspension' even variable by further 7 centimetres. The model 300 is sufficient for the driver's license up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (Germany), while the top model in the 400 series reaches up to 4 tonnes and is then limited in speed.

Closed estate car
Closed delivery van
Platform truck with single/double cabin
Chassis with single/double cabin
Platform chassis with single cabin

Beautiful is the very deep platform frame, whose further expansion e.g., to a motorhome is not necessarily ceded to the professionals case of appropriate skills or opportunities. However, this is much easier with the delivery van, because you can order the windows at appropriate locations. Remove the dividing wall to the front and you have estate car feeling. Anyway, headroom is no problem in the variability offered.

Next to the platform truck for frequent loading and unloading, the three-way tipper by the company Henschel Engineering is very interesting. Actually Henschel has been a company for truck and especially locomotive manufacture. The new operation branch was outsourced by the Rheinstahl AG in 1961. Please read the interesting story of the original company Henschel.

The Boxer can be seen on the streets with similar frequency as its brother, the Fiat Ducato. It seems to offer everything necessary and at a reasonable price. Its engine is a roughneck, but long-ratioed in high gear. Because the steering column is adjustable only in the length, the riding position is a little stiff. After all, there are even air-suspended seats. The necessary assistants for parking, lane keeping, etc. can be bought in addition, including a 5-inch screen. 07/15