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Fiat 8V

Fiat 8V
EngineV eight-cylinder (70)
Displacement, (bore * stroke)1996 cm (72,0 mm * 61,3 mm)
Compression ratio8,5 : 1
CrankshaftBeared 3-fold
Engine controlOHV
Mixture preparation2 Weber double downdraught carburetors
Torque146 Nm at 3600 rpm
Performance77-92 kW (105-125 HP) at 6000 rpm
Drive trainFront engine, rear drive
TransmissionFour-speed, manual
Suspension f/rDouble wishbone
Brakes f/rDrums, hydraulically
SteeringWorm, roll
Wheels165 x 400, central locking devices
Wheelbase2.400 mm
Length4.060 mm
Width1.500 mm
Height1.290 mm
Drag coefficient * surface0,30 * 1,53 m
Tank capacity80 litres
Payload140 kg
Kerb weight997 kg + driver
Top speed186 km/h
Year of manufactureFrom 1952

1952, a strange time. Seven years after the end of World War II threatens war again, this time in Korea. There are already stores half empty purchased. But there were also many technical advances such as new super computers, jet aircrafts, which allowed the return flight to America in one day and the introduction of television in Germany.

Pre-war models dominated the image in road traffic in Germany. Nevertheless, the King, who while driving has a roof over his head. Almost there would have been no innovations. After all, Mercedes introduced the W194, the precursor of the 300 SL from 1954, with which one participated in races again. He had gullwing doors, but no direct injection.

Exactly in this situation Fiat also felt the necessity, to build again a sports car. Oddly, it was called quite simply 'Otto Vu' and not vice versa, which is remained as '8V'. As you can see in the pictures and also the videos, it existed in many variations, of course, as a race car, too, despite the presence of a Fiat version. In poor Italy flourished still the production of the bodies by hand at the time.

Fiat 8V vetroresina Centro Storico Fiat
By Maurizio Torchio (Own work)

By the way, here is to view the only 8V with plastic body: In the Centro Storcio Fiat in Turin. If you look at the fabulous drag coefficient at the relatively small cross-sectional area, the car could, trimmed for maximum speed, be even faster with this performance. The counterparty of Alfa and Lancia had it hard there.

The engine replaced in principle a four-cylinder, this explains its unusual bank angle and perhaps also the presence of only three main bearings. The damage on the clutch of the first car below does not seem to have been symptomatic, but rather problems with the ignition and the setting of the carburettors. If you decide to purchase such a car, take a look at Video 3! 07/14

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