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  Fiat Doblo

Fiat Doblò 1.2 SX
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore*stroke)1242 cm³ (70,8 mm * 78,9 mm)
Compression ratio9,5 : 1 (petrol)
Valves2 per cylinder
Engine controlohc
Max. Torque102 Nm at 3500 1 rpm
Max. Power48 kW (65 HP) at 5500 1 rpm
Drive trainFront drive
Wheelbase2.570 mm
Turning circle10.500 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson spring strut
Spring system rearLeaf springs
Spring system frontCoil spring, anti-roll bar
Brakes frontDisc-brakes
Wheels175/70 TR 14
Length4.160 mm
Width1.710 mm
Height1.800 mm
Boot capacity750/3.000 liter
Roof load100 kg
Tank capacity60 liter
Payload580 kg
Kerb weight1.195 kg
Towing capacity500/1.100 kg
CO2-emission183 g/km
Maximum speed142 km/h
Year of manufacture2001 - 2004

It is to be in the tradition of original French high roof vans. Meant here are the AK Citroen and the R4, although at least the latter was not so high. But actually the Kangoo is seen at Renault as a legitimate successor of the R4 and the Doblo is really its competitor now.

It may be constructed in Italy, but it will not be built there. The competition is hard in this price range and you may assume that wages are lower in the Turkish Bursu. I was surprised honestly to learn that there is also a place in North Korea involved in the construction of this car. Because I always thought this country is completely isolated.

When coming onto the market such cars like the Fiat Doblo 2001, then in the beginning, the number of variants is still manageable. There is ever a weaker and stronger gasoline respectively diesel engine, wherein 1.2-liter displacement at the petrol engine however seems not quite sufficient considering this box. But it is interesting that the number of variants increases constantly.

Since there are positive changes in the payload, the number of people that can be transported, the wheelbase and by special models in appearance. Not all keep what they promise such as Malibu its chrome finish faded noticeably with the time. Nevertheless, there is the attempt to make the car always prettier despite its transporter style. Fortunately, at least the rear bumper remains treadable and black.

There the interior more and more cladded, placement areas it has already enough. The main front across the entire width of the windscreen. Whether the car has thus become even quieter, everyone must decide for themselves. The dashboard remains a plastic thing at least until the new edition 2010 however, from a joyful rich colouring. Unfortunately, the window panes do not fully submerge the right and left: function follows design.

The car provides plenty of space, if necessary, even seven seats. In the five-seater you have to remove the rear headrests before folding down, however, can then place the rear seat bench completely behind the front seats. What you do with the height, is up to you. For load one can not really use it. More for large items such as mountain bikes in an upright position.

One should not underestimate the very slightly increased consumption by the large cross-sectional area. There then helps the choice of the diesel engine if you drive enough miles. But if this car is a particular aspirant for the long distance? Already one has now also given him gas tanks and so offers customers a saving effect. No wonder that one launches into it for the installation of batteries and electric motor at the moment.

However, also on the highway is not completely available e.g. in curves the start option usual by a car. Since the load tilt more strongly. The balancing act between car spring system and truck load capacity is more difficult, the greater become the latter. Since the permanently installed batteries at the lowest possible point would still rather a help.

After all, the usual carelessness for this price segment is still somewhat limited for the finishing touches. Also the Italians accused formlessness with constructing is not quite noticeable. After all, even the basics such as suspension subframe and drive assembly is taken of the car series. The used car market, however, did not really noticed this. 07/13

Fiat Doblò 1.6 16V SX
Displacement (bore*stroke)1596 cm³ (80,5 mm * 78,4 mm)
Compression ratio10,5 : 1 (petrol)
Valves4 pro Zylinder
Max. torque145 Nm at 4000 1 rpm
Max. power76 kW (103 HP) at 5750 1 rpm
Kerb weight1.250 kg
CO2-emission205 g/km
Maximum speed168 km/h
Year of manufacture2001 - 2004

Fiat Doblò 1.9 D SX
Displacement (bore*stroke)1910 cm³ (82 mm * 90,4 mm)
Compression ratio22,6 : 1 (Diesel)
Valves2 pro Zylinder
Mixture preparationDirekte Einspritzung
Max. torque118 Nm at 2500 1 rpm
Max. power46 kW (63 HP) at 4500 1 rpm
Kerb weight1.265 kg
CO2-emission191 g/km
Maximum speed141 km/h
Year of manufacture2001 - 2003

Fiat Doblò 1.9 JTD ELX
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore*stroke)1910 cm³ (82 mm * 90,4 mm)
Compression ratio18,5 : 1 (Diesel)
Max. torque196 Nm at 1500 1 rpm
Max. power73 kW (100 HP) at 4000 1 rpm
Kerb weight1.295 kg
Towing capacity500/1.100 kg
CO2-emission168 g/km
Maximum speed168 km/h
Year of manufacture2001 - 2004               Top of page               Index
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