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1972 Fiat X 1/9

For this car there are two competitors. The VW-Porsche 914 is already on the market and the Matra Bagheera followed him a year later. All three are mid-engined sports car in a price sensitive area. The VW-Porsche is unusual as a rear-wheel driver reversing the drive drive. Also in price, it can not keep up entirely, but provides a more powerful alternative.

Keep only the Italian and French rivals. Both are based on mass production technology, the Matra on Simca 1100, the Fiat on the A112/128. In principle the front drive to the wheel suspension take one over completely to the rear. This results in spite of continued residual cooler in front at the Fiat two trunks, whereby the front also can take the plastic roof. For this however, must deposited also tank and spare tire in the engine compartment. The latter is then reachable behind the passenger seat. Rear there are now two hatches, one of them much too small for working on the drive unit.Add to this the for this time inevitable pop-up headlamps.

The barely modified large series mechanics prepares the X 1/9 no major problems. Instead even more the body. Pity, because it is undisputed the most successful of the three competitors. In addition its significantly lower price. Tank and a possible spare wheel may seem indeed noice damping, but narrow even more the interior.

Designed by Bertone's chief designer Gandini and based on a study of 1969. Also during the production the car remains under the care of the company. Fiat delivers only the ingredients. The name comes from the internal model designation. Between this and the other Fiat models of the time are large differences. Wedge profile, accentuated air intakes, little chrome and spoiler underline further the specificity of this mid-engine.

While the above-mentioned competitors are still trying to increase the available space at two and a half seats, remains the X 1/9 consistently a two-seater. On the contrary, for two larger people, it is at least in the head area a bit short. Add to that the significant noise level despite the only one carburetor revving and beefy engine. Will be compensated by appealing driving performance with moderate fuel consumption and an unproblematic handling in wide ranges. Disturbing alone the for a mid-engine typical something notchy gearshift.

Also unusual at this Fiat is its price, just as one compares with English sports cars of that time, even if these in technical terms can not compete always. Never experienced the X 1/9 how many (particularly expensive) Italian sports car before it, mainly in the U.S. by far widest distribution. This fact owes to the car also its uglification through the huge bumpers.

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