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2014 Fiat Panda Cross

One has the Panda 4x4 conceded a rather modest success when it appeared about 30 years ago. Who would have thought that it has now sold about half a million times?

That's why the New comes along so martially? One can already see at first glance the all-wheel drive. It must use the '4x4' no longer in its type designation. Consequently, it is not even available without it.

In contrast, the dashboard with its new copper colouring looks almost noble. The Panda Cross conveys its somewhat blatant charm rather more outward than inward. In addition, the rims have now 15 inches in diameter and also the ground clearance has grown to about 16 centimetres.

The elevated body is well protected by various planking up front, rear and especially from below. This is the price for the ability to drive off-road. In addition, after all consistently, probably all year round M + S tyres. The disadvantage: Only 160 km/h at 80 HP diesel.

After all, it is available with a diesel engine. Plus the slightly less fuel efficient and in return rougher Twin petrol engine. Its torque is supplied by one, in principle, five-speed transmission with off-road gear on the possible to modulate all-wheel drive. Electronics determine here whether and up to what speed permanent all-wheel or front-wheel drive is used.

Just for fun this car is too good. Its skills should really be needed and used, otherwise one is better off with a crossover. Finally, the are there slightly larger at similar prices. Also important for environmental reasons. And it does not help much, if the Panda Cross is ordered with natural gas drive.

A note must be even. It is connected with the takeover of Chrysler. Namely, it can be that this all-wheel drive is not only used in the Fiat Freemont, but also in the Jeep Commander, however one interpretes this from its long-established history. 07/14

Equipment (S=Series, E=Extra)
SLight alloy rims
SAutomatic air conditioning
SElectronic locking differential
SMP3, USB, AUX-IN, Steering Wheel Control
SElectrically adjustable door mirrors
EEmergency brake assistant
EHeated windscreen

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