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  Fiat 130 Coupé

A coupé can hardly be styled less similar to the sedan of the same name. It is not even shortened. Only the low waistline and the indicated trapezoidal line combines both vehicles a little. Otherwise, Pininfarina is a really great design succeeded. The clever simple design has had numerous imitators.

The limousine looks rather somewhat narrower and taller, the coupe is strongly conditioned on width. Front, rear, dashboard and interior seem to find no end in this regard. Even the steering wheel (pictured below), although interrupted by roundings in the crossbar, appears wider than high. And then the contrast to the more baroque limousine. Clear, flat, without any frills.

At the end, the designer makes it still better and builds - his time too much ahead - a kind of coupé station wagon as prototype called 'Maremma'. This is probably also due to the good available space in length. In which cars of this type fit the reclining seats with headrests removed before the back seats?

While the sedan is indeed low priced but unloved, certainly some people have ogled with this car. But, opposite to the sedan, it has an adventurous high price. Additionally, some defects came to light, but after some time Pininfarina got it under control. 07/16