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Fiat 770 S

Fiat 770 S
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)767 cm³ (62 mm * 63,5 mm)
CrankshaftMounted triple
Compression ratio7,5 : 1
Engine controlOHV
Torque46 Nm at 3000 rpm
Performance18,4 kW (25 HP) at 4800 rpm /
17 kW (23 HP) at 4500 rpm*
Type of coolingLiquid
Drive trainRear engine, longitudinal, rear drive
(unsynchronized 1st gear)
Length3.210 mm/3.295 mm*
Width1.395 mm
Height1.405 mm
Front suspensionTransverse leaf spring top
wishbone below
Rear suspensionTrailing arm
SteeringWorm, segment
BrakeDrums, single circuit
Wheels5.20 - 12
Tank capacity27/36 litres
Payload320 kg/315 kg*
Kerb weight605 kg/615 kg* + driver
Maximum speedApprox. 110 km/h
Year of manufacture1960-67
Electric system12 V/ 36 Ah
VariantsFabric sunroof
*Version from 1964

The Fiat 770 arose from the 600 D, which was built as a 600 since 1955. Also the had the not quite quiet four-cylinder, rare in the class of compact cars at the time. The German competitors made to do with less fuel, for example, with fewer cylinders. Only the two-strokes consumed a little more.

Overall, the Fiat was a product, built a long time and in large number of pieces, when added to the German Neckar production (Jagst) the other manufacturing plant especially in Italy. Interestingly, the change from front to rear-hinged doors in 1964. Probably because of the insurance classification the reduction by 1.7 kW (2 HP).

No, a paragon of acceleration, the Fiat was not. One had to bother the tuner indeed, for example, Carlo Abarth, as can be seen in the next picture. The perhaps was able to do something at the quite vehement tendency to oversteer. Not surprising at four cylinders behind the rear axle. The then also was pleased with the semi-trailing arm rear axle of the second series.

Inside, the Fiat was narrow compared with the aforementioned competitors. This affected the small wheelbase of 2 m (VW Beetle 2.4 m), the let move the front wheel arches considerably inwards. This also applied to the overview and the view through the windshield. However, it was in one sense, really a desirable small car, because it was cheap in purchase and to some extent in the maintenance.

The maintenance requirements are considerable at the time. Front axle and distributor needed grease all 2,500 km and the latter even adjustment tasks. All 5,000 km were due oil change and cleaning of the air filter insert, every second time the exchange of both filters (insets) also. All 20,000 km the same in the transmission and axle drive and a lubrication service for front wheel bearings, dynamo and even starter. And 10,000 km longer the grease filling of the rear wheel bearings. 03/15

Filling Quantities
Engine all year 20-W203 litres
Manual transmission/axle drive1,5 litre
Cooling system4,5 litres               Top of page               Index
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