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2015 Apprentices at Škoda

2015 Octavia RS 230
2015 Superb
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2014 Yeti
2014 Octavia Combi
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  Škoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia 2014
Engine controlDOHC, toothed belt, 4 valves per cylinder
Mixture formation
Drive trainTransverse front engine
Suspension frontMcPherson
Suspension rearTorsion beam
Brakes f/rInternally ventilated discs/drums
SteeringGear rack, servo, now electromechanically
Wheelbase2.456 mm
Length3.993 mm
Width1.732 mm
Height1.467 mm
Tank capacity45 litres
Load volume min/max330/1150 litres
530/1395 litres (estate car)
Kerb weightFrom 1055 kg incl. driver
Top speed
Purchase price
Year of constructionFrom 2014
*Is expected to be available 2015

First Skoda with MirrorLink

Do quietly mock my enthusiasm for this design. If it only halfway looks in 3D and in natural light as in these pictures, one can only congratulate the designer(s), at least that's my opinion.

1,0-litre engine: 72 kg, transmission: 27 kg

And if you have another, then at least take a look at the rear in the magnification. Starting with the sharp lateral bead that just this time not runs through the door handles. Additionally the hint at the front and rear wheel arches in the bead.

Panoramic glass roof available for both bodies

Overall, it's like in real life: The contrasts represent the salt in the soup. In thoughts you go down the C-pillar of the barely perceptible edge above on the roof. Then around the curve below the rear window to the middle. You will feel no resistance except the very fine gap of the rear lid.

19 'Simply Clever'solutions, 17 at the estate car

Similarly, if you move further to the rear from the rear door handle and bend off down before reaching the rear lights. You can even continue the tour along the shock surface to the vehicle centre. There are nowhere obstacles except a fine edge between fenders made of sheet steel and plastic bumpers.

And then the area in between. It is clearly defined, despite or even against the soft transitions around it. It already begins with the rear lights, which connect ingeniously the round with the angular design. They lead to two very contrasting surfaces, one of which namely the lower, still has a buckling seemingly without reason.

Who would have thought that you may work out from the rather rational Fabia such a piece of design? It arises from the emotionality of the concept Vision-C, perhaps by the hard boundary conditions of a compact sedan here even better implemented.

Link to the VisionC

Up front it is naturally always a little more difficult. There must be considerate of the face of the brand. However, the front matches to the rear and vice versa. Quite without frills the bonnet may not be, otherwise the Skoda emblem loses importance. And barely something is more worse for a manufacturer than to be nameless.

So we leave untouched all around the emblem, just as the nose in the bonnet. Finally, a car needs a story and so one makes connections with respect to design of the pre-socialist period in which Skoda is already sufficiently represented and his models calls e.g. Popular (pictured above). The company is looking for its roots and the cars will be more emotional.

Compare with the plain design in the last video.

Of course all the positive characteristics are maintained. Nothing practical is sacrificed the emotionality. There should even be available 10 new 'Simply Clever' solutions according to chief designer Jozef Kaban. Up front the New appears pleasant slightly wider despite its family resemblance pleasantly wider than its predecessor built up slightly higher.

The lower classes shine in many possibilities at the colour choice. The Opel Adam has shown it. In the case of the Fabia are now also more exterior colours and the individual choice for the roof, the exterior mirrors and the rims. Worth mentioning are still the front headlights which combine clear structure with crystalline interior.

Although the new Skoda Fabia comes not before October, but is produced since the end of the plant vacation shutdown after changes in Mlada Boleslav (pictures below). 08/14