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Ganz neu ...

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Škoda - History 8

Laurin & Klement Landa
EngineInline four-cylinder
Displacement1847 cmł
Engine controlSV
Power15 kW (20 HP)
TransmissionManual four-speed
Maximum speed65 km/h
Year of manufacture1913

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Above is one of the last pre-war models. Strangely enough, the beginning of the war brings for the L & K plants more work with fewer workmen, of course, which are often drafted as soldiers. As head of a war production you have to do a lot, streamlines and improves the production, increases the percentage of women and finally expands enormously.

Thus fewer farmers remaining manage the production are needed better field machining equipment, too, a branch, the L & K has always been served with. Also, you get the weapons production well paid, at least in the early war years, but overall development leads to an apparent prosperity, the collapses brutally towards the end of the war.

To make matters worse, you find yourself on the losing side. From the gigantic empire of Austria-Hungary remains the relatively small territory of Czechoslovakia. Will fall away large inland markets. The remaining is further weakened by tax on luxury goods and the export to Russia is no longer possible because here the Bolsheviks are in power.

Nothing seems to be possible, except the agricultural equipment which is now preferred build and which e.g. as motor plows can enforce against significant competition. But is that enough still to continue such a huge factory? One tries many things, ties connections with Fiat in Italy and sells increased buses.

But all does not help. And even if the accident takes its course ...
On 28 June 1924 comes to a major fire. Up to the far Prague should have been seen the sparks and smoke formation. What the war and the subsequent severe recession have not managed now self-employment is beyond saving. 04/12

To be continued ...