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Skoda Citigo

Actually it should be called 'Citygo' (fit to the 'Aygo') what is meant to indicate a determination mainly for the city. Actually, an absurdity, because who can afford to have a car, with which he only goes to the city. And what will the car think about it?

No, the all too well known marketing gag is ineffective, because this car has almost as many virtues for the highway. At 120 km/h, it runs quietly, one has also forward plenty of space by the slightly elevated seating position, and a feeling as if you were sitting in a larger car.

The approx. 1000 € savings to Volkswagen's brother up! are worth considering. It is in a well cheaper boot lid not only made of glass, but also of sheet metal. Also, the rear window is not to open at the two-door (four- door model will follow later in the year) and curiously the thread is missing, when opening the tailgate lifts with the luggage compartment cover.

The late entry in a segment is typical for the concern. Amazing that Skoda just now offers a car in the A segment. After all, the duo VW-Polo/Seat-Arosa was there, to which Skoda was not involved. Perhaps one feels just now prepared well enough with the up! acquisition against Toyota Aygo, Peugeot and Citroen-107-C3. 02/12