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2015 Apprentices at Škoda

2015 Octavia RS 230
2015 Superb
2014 Fabia
2014 Simply Clever
2014 Yeti
2014 Octavia Combi
2013 Rapid Spaceback
2013 Octavia RS
2012 Citigo
2009 RS 2000
2009 Yeti
2008 Superb
2007 Fabia
2003 Fabia WRC
1999 Fabia
1996 Octavia
1994 Felicia
1987 Favorit
1987 Rapid
1977 130 RS
1974 200 RS Coupe
1972 Spider B5
1971 Super Sport Ferat
1964 1000 MB
1964 Formula 3
1959 Octavia
1957 1100 OHC
1956 1201 STW
1948 1101 Tudor Cabrio
1946 1101 Tudor
1935 935 Dynamic

Skoda Octavia Combi

Skoda Octavia Combi (Sedan/estate car)
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)
Engine controldohc
Drive trainFront drive, transversal, all-wheel drive (option)
Turning circle10.500 mm
Wheelbase2.680 mm
Front axleMcPherson
Rear axleTwist-beam axle/Multilink
SteeringGear rack, servo, electric
BrakeDiscs, front ventilated, ABS, brake assist
Wheels195/65 R 15 (6") up to
205/55 R 16 (6,5")
Length4.659 mm
Width1.814/2.017 mm
Height1.450 - 1.480 mm
Drag coefficient0,299-0,311
Tank capacity50/55 litres
Boot capacity610-1.740 litres
Kerb weight
Maximum speed
Year of manufactureFrom 2013
Purchase price

The Octavia has basically all the possibilities of the VW Golf, on whose floor assembly it is based. Currently it shall to the Golf 7 under the sheet metal, except that the Golf GTI is called Octavia RS here. GreenLine is comparable with Blue Motion whereby the Octavia particularly benefits. Also it creates the 85 g/km in the latest version with the 1.6-liter TDI which has become something more powerful.

We have selected here the estate car version because the extra spacious benefit promises. We have selected here the estate car version because the promises extra use of space. Nevertheless, it is still somewhat more favourable than the equivalent Golf, where you also must still add the two rear doors. In the interior the two group competitors are not much different. At times, the Octavia and its even more attractive older brother Super seen spatially was in such demand that the VW superiors were afraid the sales of the VW Passat would decrease.

All-wheel drive version with Haldex of the 5th generation

From the listings below, you may recognize that the Octavia is the heart of the brand. Around it was developed today´s model program a little later. The only unique feature is still practically the Golf R, if one disregards the special versions such as eGolf. Who knows when even here will followed.

But there is one thing in common, namely the design language taken from the respective predecessor model. While the Golf is always recognizable as such, this is also true for the Octavia. Not least therefore the first two versions could be manufactured and sold parallel for a longer period. However, the new is grown except in height.

Octavia 3 compared with predecessor
Length+ 90 mm
Interior length+ 33 mm
Wheelbase+ 11 mm
Max. load volume+ 85 litres
Width+ 45 mm

But the prices! What is marked with VW, this also costs. At the extras themselves, there is no big difference to VW. For example, both double manual gearbox and four-wheel drive cost each € 1,800. And because at Skoda probably the discount negotiations are likely to be even more difficult than at VW, you should really think carefully here. You can double the vehicle entrance price problem-free, and the inexpensive leather interior was not even counted. 04/14

The larger options . . .
1st equipment level2.440 €
2nd equipment level2.000 €
Rooftop panoramic1095 €
Memory seats1090 €
Seat heating240-480 €
Auxiliary heating990-1.230 €
Parking sensor technology310-650 €
Wheels95-720 €
Lacquer195-540 €
Infotainment, navigation730-3.520 €
Comfort430 €
Driver assistance2.450-3.550 €
Light, design890 €
Extended warranty549-749 €

Number of pieces 1994 - 2012
1996-2011Octavia 1 - Limousine979.000
1996-2011Octavia 1 - Station wagon 471.000
1998-2012Octavia 2 - Limousine1.463.000
1998-2012Octavia 2 - Station wagon 835.000

A little Octavia history
1994Agreement between VW and Skoda
1995Cornerstone for new plant in Mladá Boleslav
1996Opening of the factory, market launch Octavia sedan.
1997Octavia -> China
1998Market launch Octavia station wagon
1999Octavia with all-wheel drive
2000Facelift Octavia, new RS version
2002Station wagon RS
20041 million Octavia, Octavia 2 is presented.
2005Octavia 2 station wagon and all-wheel drive
2006Octavia 2 -> China
20070,5 million Octavia 2
20082 million Octavia in total, facelift Octavia 2
2009Octavia GreenLine, Facelift sation wagon and all-wheel drive
2010Station wagon GreenLine, end of production Octavia 1
2011Expands plant Mladá Boleslav.
2012Octavia 3 presented.
2013Start of production Octavia 3