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2015 Apprentices at Škoda


2015 Octavia RS 230
2015 Superb
2014 Fabia
2014 Simply Clever
2014 Yeti
2014 Octavia Combi
2013 Rapid Spaceback
2013 Octavia RS
2012 Citigo
2009 RS 2000
2009 Yeti
2008 Superb
2007 Fabia
2003 Fabia WRC
1999 Fabia
1996 Octavia
1994 Felicia
1987 Favorit
1987 Rapid
1975 130 RS
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1972 Spider B5
1971 Super Sport Ferat
1964 1000 MB
1964 Formula 3
1959 Octavia
1957 1100 OHC
1956 1201 STW
1946 1101 Tudor
1936 Popular
1935 935 Dynamic

  Skoda Rapid Spaceback

Skoda Rapid Spaceback
EngineInline four-cylinder
Valves4 per cylinder
Mixture preparationDirect injection
Drive trainFront drive transversal
TransmissionFive-/six-speed manual, seven-speed DSG (option)
Wheelbase2.810 mm
Turning circle10.900 mm
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTwist-beam axle
SteeringGear rack, servo, electric
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated, ABS, ESP, brake assistant
Wheels f/r185/60 R 15 (6") bis
215/45 R 16 (7")
Length4.304 mm
Width1.706/1.940 mm
Height1.459 mm
Drag coefficient0,31
Tank capacity55 liter
Boot capacity415/1380 Liter
Payload535 kg
Kerb weight
Maximum speed
Purchase price
Year of manufactureFrom 2013

This is a dangerous game, which performs the VW group there. Against the two Korean automakers one needs a counterpart, for these increasingly come closer to the Group. Maybe VW is to number 1 in the world and leaves behind both Toyota and GM, but what is, if subsequently or for some time Hyundai/Kia try the same?

Since Skoda already has the function to defy as an inexpensive brand. Only here is possible an effective defense also in the face of prices. Only, there's a catch. The subsidiary company uses its chances, not for the first time so well that the parent company must make an effort to achieve this price/performance ratio at least approximately.

The Rapid perhaps has because even a little more space between the Fabia and Octavia, as eg would have been between the Polo and Golf. The Rapid perhaps has because even a little more space between the Fabia and Octavia, as eg would have been between the Polo and Golf. Great as it exploits it. 20 centimeters more wheelbase than the Rapid notchback, while 13 inches shorter. Approx. 17 centimeters more wheelbase than the Golf 7 and only 5 inches longer. Anyway, the Skoda engineers seem to have understood the Modular Transverse Platform.

One can believe them, that they do not want to call this new one 'estate car'. The could still be built on the length of the Rapid notchback. And then the designations. Well, 'Rapid' is a Škoda-type having tradition. But how much more useful sounds 'Spaceback' than 'Sportback'. The word 'sporty' will already used so inflationary, that you almost can not hear it any more.

There are another stroke of luck, namely, that the probably much less beloved notchback sedan in this country rather saw the light of the world. So there was still time, to respond a little to the carping of the car testers. Also, the steering is said to have benefited from this circumstance. Probably only a few wishes remain open, at least, with the upscale amenities. Who still grumbles, there is access to the VW.

And then the glass roof! Convertible feeling without cabriolet drawbacks. Certainly, one looks it from the Frenchmen, but one is indeed free to do the same. E.g. this fabulous direct-injection turbos. The also really beautiful diesel engines like to apologize, but here are meant the petrol engines. Who would have ever thought that so much power could be in a relatively small gasoline engine.

If you can not score against Hyundai and Co. in the price, then probably with these engines. Indeed, he who is from yesterday and then only look at the performance will not notice the reverse difference in the torque. This value is, however, crucial in our current traffic conditions. For the moderate consumption may serve the CO2 values with possibility of comparison. 10/13

Attention at Skoda: Ice scraper in the tank cap (Figure 10)