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Škoda - History 2

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Vaclav Laurin has operated a bicycle factory in the neighboring town with another partner to date, however, with this falling out. The rest you can almost imagine. In a little much greater than about 100 square meter workshop with adjoining yard (today Pražská Street) is created the manufacturing of his own bikes in 1895 and the repair of used. Like other producers in this country the production is based on prefabricated frames in the UK, where the development is more advanced.

Even with the other parts one is dependent on imports from Britain. Look at the first bike of the two. On simplicity, it is hard to beat, however, costs two months' salary of a craftsman, not to mention the salary of a unskilled worker with 5 school years. For women bikes be added another 50 percent. Who can afford that?

Here the two founders have yet luck. After all, the penny farthing just disappeared from the scene and there are seamless drawn tubes since 1890, much lighter than the previously used solid. The low-bikes be advertised from the point of safety and since the invention of Dunlop and Michelin brothers, even to have with removable pneumatic tyres however, once again towards hefty surcharges.

It takes some courage, in the countryside after all 60 km northeast of Prague, to find solvent prospective for the bicycle sports. After all, both are married and have thus not only care for themselves. Clement, however, do everything in order to advertise for the bicycle. He promises to teach each buyer to ride a bike and publishes a book about cycling in 1896.

But even Laurin has impressive capabilities. Soon the production with hand-operated production machinery turns out to be too cumbersome. In larger companies steam engines are common, either to generate electricity or machine tools to drive via long shafts and leather belts. Such a machine both buy. Good thing, Laurin just has passed the exam for the operation of such machines. These are namely by no means harmless with their high pressures. Finally, the first TÜV (Technical Control Board) is established as Dampfkessel Überwachungsvereine (steam boiler monitoring organizations).

Fortunately, Klement was self-employed already since 1891 and can rely on the income of his shop. There he sells not only books, but e.g. also just articles for bicycles. Apparently, his wife helps him here so that he can compensate a bit liabilities of the new company. If a difficult start is a good sign for later success, then the two founders have the best conditions possible. 04/12

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