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  BMW 7er

BMW 7er
Displacement, Bore * stroke
Valves4 per cylinder
ConstructionFront engine, rear-axle drive, all-wheel drive (optional)
Wheelbase3.070 mm
Tyres f/r245/50 R 18 (8") f/r
245/45 R 19 (8") front
275/40 R 19 (8,5") rear
Length5.072 mm
Width1.902 mm
Height1.478 mm
Tank capacity82 liter
Load volume500 liter
Payload590 - 645 kg
Kerb weight1.935 - 2180 kg driver
Top speed250 km/h (regulated)
Construction yearFrom 2008

A sharp edge runs through the upper part of the flank and connects approximately the upper corners of the headlights and rear lights. It is the side windows fascinating close and integrates door handles and fuel filler flap. Downwardly it goes further in a slightly convex and elongated concave swing. Thus, the entire lower surface of the doors and the front side part is set back strangely, bounded at the bottom by the sillboards, forward / backward by not overly accentuated wheel pants.

On the front actually attracts attention only the width of the opening at the bottom, especially underlined through the fog lamps in the far corners. Well, that one has again a little taken back the dimensions of the headlights with its parking or daylights interpretable as eyebrows. More exciting is the rear end. The back hood has normal size again. LED surfaces, which are different in size during braking and also can flash at danger, dominate the rear lights. A decent chrome trim connects the lights and weakens the edge skillfully between the two parts of a side.

However, if one would not have the type designation on the back hood can not hide nevertheless in near future the front-mounted engine. Since there are namely double tubes. Slightly less likely to cause social envy a double tube left. It points to the 'smallest' diesel. Two rectangular tube ends right and left points to everybody else except the twelve-cylinder engine, whose exhaust pipes end diamond-shaped. Incidentally, only the type designations for the 730 and the 760 are coherent, for the 740 has 3 liters and the 750 4.4 liters displacement.

At the proportions is even more interesting that one just at the largest BMW does not implement the current fashion of the nearly circular curved roof. Instead, this towers almost coupé-like far into the luggage compartment, what forces its lid to open a large part of the shock surface. By the way this has achieved especially on the sides a now considerable size, covering more than the lower half of the side surfaces. On this occasion is to notice the width of the rear side doors in the long version. Is the BMW 7 still a car for managers?

Also remarkable is the brochure and of course once again its photographic services. One last reminiscence of an upper-class model before a stately building. It is obviously not without it. More frequent and more enjoyable, however, the dynamic photos, which at the same time take advantage of great lighting effects. Where do you get only the empty streets in front slightly blurred, sometimes bright illuminated buildings and road tunnels? Modern image processing makes possible slight border crossings. In deep black colour in front of a dark bungalow wall the 7 series is almost like a 3 series.

The interior design is less spectacular, what is actually meant as a compliment. Such a in the middle of the dashboard unspectaculary integrated screen is rare. Not particularly large with 7 inch (10,2 inch optional), but unobtrusive. So still a Driver's car? This is supported by the now better to operate controller and a whole range of optional helpers, such as Head-up Display, assistants in platoon traffic, environment-monitoring, night vision with pedestrian recognition and speed limits scanner. A little ecology (efficient dynamics) is also engaged, even as standard. Almost too much comfort with a heated steering wheel completes the whole.

However, if we consider the selectable comfort on the two-seat rear bench, one would likely while driving prefer to be there. Each of the two sides has its own climate control, even the twelve- cylinder as standard. Do not forget optional 9,2-inch entertainment screens in the back rests of the front seats. To the office desk is only missing the reclining seat, but that one search vainly in the absence of length in the Mercedes S-class, too.               Top of page               Index
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