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1962 BMW 02

BMW is just celebrating its 50-year-anniversary, a car is launched which will be conducive to the image of the brand for a long time. It is the clever downsizing of the 'new class' with the same or even slightly more powerful engine. For comparison in the table above, the data of both vehicles were printed. Here the shrinkage is clearly visible also of the kerb weight. Here, the new body is almost still regarded as more beautiful.

Already with 1.6 litres cubic capacity and less than 1,000 kg basic weight the car has splendid acceleration. With the 2002 there comes the bigger engine, with the TI 2 40s double carburetors of Solex and accordingly formed induction pipes (+20 HP). The 'I' in this case is not for 'injection'. This is only the case with the 'Tii' with Kugelfischer-injection and again 10 HP more (tables below).

'02' is the number of the doors. The windows without frames underline the Coupe-character. It is intended for engine-sporty oriented families. The advertising messages point out the driving pleasure. With smaller wheels and less weight the car is more agile than the 00 series. Envious people hold the suspension qualities rather for accidental. Their opinion is, especially this car has ideal geometric circumstances. Changing wheel tread or caster worse results are incidental. The following BMWs let us doubt in it. They more do support the theory that nearly all BMWs present very well on the road because of well thought-out rear axle constructions and a very equal weight distribution.


The dashboard of the 02-series you see here.

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