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1968 BMW 2500/2800

BMW has slowly grown into the competition with Mercedes, because the Stuttgarts are actually the obstetrician of four-wheeled BMW vehicles. This is now finally finished. In the last almost 10 years, one have been forced to witness at Mercedes, how the Munich recovered from the probably deepest crisis in its history and now here it is, the attack in the upper class.

Of course, BMW tries to play down the competitive situation at the introduction of the new 2500. No, to the mainly conservative Mercedes star-products one want to offer an alternative. Non-chauffeured, but self-drivers one will offer a car, that is just as large that it is among the powerful class, but still manageable and especially sporty. And so it has become: the new top sedan.

It has created a car that on the one hand clearly is assigned to the 'New Class' of BMW, but on the other hand from them stand out clear enough.The interior shows with enlarged proportions the same, almost simple, driver- oriented objectivity. The suspension was still taken over, of course reinforced and changed at not insignificant points. Highlight of the new car, however the engine.

Yes, this is the third six-cylinder in the history of BMW, even if the first as a revolutionary aircraft engine does not fit quitely in the series.This engine is developed from the valve train off the four cylinders, but has a revised combustion chamber after the 'three-balls principle'. The result is an engine, under all circumstances resilient and operating far from its thermal limits, which additionally can climb to speed segments, that were considered not to be possible for a luxury sedan.

Particularly the sales promotion advert to the lack of vibration of the new driving gear, in which, believe it or not, 12 counterweights on the seven main bearings support the already outstanding capabilities of a in-line six- cylinder. However, vibration-free does not mean that the engine is free from noise, which seems even more to stimulate certain people. Look at the figures and then decide if one needs really the in the same year introduced 2800.

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