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2012 BMW 7 Series

One must wonder how the designers always manage a vehicle front to develop further, while in fact it already has a certain level of attractiveness. So also with the freshly facelifted 7er. When you see the old alone, you will not keep possible potential improvements. If the new one is joined, you will be disabused.

Optional: Bang & Olufsen, 1200 W, 16 loudspeakers

Actually, we report here on the top model from BMW, at least that was once like this. Meanwhile, it is under pressure from several directions. There is the 5 series Gran Turismo with eight cylinders and eight-speed automatic at least for 78,000 instead of 96,000 euros, not to mention the likewise more favorable X6.

Electromechanical steering in the upper class now also available

Do not get too much influenced by the eight-cylinder prices. After all, indeed the price has increased by about 30 percent in 10 years, but the real consumption also decreased by approximately the same amount. Furthermore, even € 75,000 are possible with the much more economical diesel engine but on the other hand, also more length and all-wheel drive.

Air spring system with active leveling rear

Slightly more favorable than the eight-cylinder is the Active Hybrid, but with a six-cylinder. You can save so but then also do not enjoy the dream combination of double-charged V8 and eight-speed which compared to the already fantastic six-cylinders already can be overmodest from the noise and concurrently in terms of performance may appear to be more than it is. Since, the change between solid and very sporty can be realized in split seconds.

Hybrid drive of the second generation

One withdrew unnecessary courage of past steps of design. Already with the predecessor the rear looks no longer like a backpack and also the selector lever for the converter automatic is back to his old place. The entry- and space conditions are criticized a little. Since one can only hope that the windscreen has now reached its final position for economical driving. Perhaps with more than five meters should be a little more well-suited the middle seat for long-distances.

Glare LED-high beam assistant

Probably an opened warning triangle is in good hands in the rear trunk lid because it is directly visible when opening, but not a first aid equipment with vest. We will see how the designers future 7er front continues to differ from the 5er and nevertheless will equip attractive and with overtaking prestige.

10.25-inch central 3D display

The front wins of course thanks to the novel full-LED headlights. Somewhat less spectacular is the new display, where one can choose the modalities of the display. Because it's just such a screen like the one in the middle of the dashboard. But for that the in the middle shines with 3-D graphics. And rear it goes merrily on if desired with screens 9.2 inches diagonal.

Contactless opening of the trunk lid

Back to the driving experience. BMW advertises in 7er with the world's most powerful diesel engine what probably means saving on the highest drive level. Crazy seems to be an eight-cylinder, the can glide and start-stop but this does not seem to be as perfect as the rest of the mechanics. As I said, there are also simple diesel. One does not want to give up apparently the twelve-cylinder engine, but we shall come back to this in a separate article. 11/12

Night vision with pedestrian recognition

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