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2013 BMW i8

This vehicle is comparable to the i3 only in terms of its body structure. The car is referred by BMW as a 2+2 seater. But it is also in width not too much space because the battery extends in the middle from front to rear. So it does not cover the whole lower underbody as at the i3 and also has only scarcely one-fifth of the capacity.

The i8 is therefore not a pure electric car, rather a hybrid as sports car with electric motor and two-speed automatic as front drive and a three-cylinder with six-speed automatic as rear wheel drive. Only on basis of current it creates a maximum of 35 km under good conditions. Together with the combustion engine, it is supposed to be more than 500 km.

BMW has used the probably unique opportunity for a long time, to give the car with the novel technology a new name, and above all a new, exciting design. It reflected not yet in stunning aerodynamic properties, but can trigger one or the other enthusiasm.

To the expected not low purchase price are possible carbon rims as surcharge and the world's first laser light (Fig. 3). One may hope that at least the whole promised assistants are included in the normal price. Of course, the practical effect is still doubtful, but if a car knows how to enthuse for the new technology, then this. 11/13

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