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BMW i3 2013

Will this be now the breakthrough? After all, it is a top priority at BMW. But perhaps more importantly, the prudent preparation. Because cars with carbon fiber body, there are already but how many of them are delivered each year? Do not bother to investigate further, no manufacturer builds so many bodies that 50,000 can be delivered per year. That is unmatched in the sector and of course a corresponding risk.

Billions have already invested before the first i3 will be delivered end of the year. Lack of courage you really can not deny the company. And then the car itself. While there is the sporty i8, but as i3 has been created a 4 meter sedan yet more compact than a current Golf. There will be perhaps clear the need, to seperate the i-models seen from marketing because it is likely, the traditional BMW buyer for this will be approachable only partially successful.

Frameless front side windows prevent independent door opening f/r.

After all, there are four doors where the rear open to the front. A little Rolls-Royce feeling may even be, moreover, without disturbing B-pillar. Unfortunately, the concept is not as clever created as eg the Ford B-Max, where the doors of one side can be opened entirely independently. Pity the rigid rear side windows. But besides the huge sills, probably from stability and crash reasons, a reaching of the seat is nothing in the way.

Much more important are the basic data, because they show what such a combination of carbon and E-drive is capable of. 1200 kg kerb weight are acceptable if prove true the 190 km operating distance according to the EU cycle. Instead of 125 kW (170 hp), it should also be a little less however, what will not quite fit to the slower acceleration near the highway recommended speed. The power is transmitted via a rear engine and rear drive. In the pictures above you can see that the load distribution through the heavier batteries is more like that of an infinitely deep built mid-engine.

Recuperation at low, gliding at high speeds.

Will be charged depending on the house electrics in four to ten hours. The car is available with no battery-rent with eight years or 100,000 km warranty. As the purchase price be named 35,000 euros (in Germany). A Range Extender is expected to cost € 4,000 more. It comes with its 650 cc from the motorcycle department and has 25 kW (34 hp), but consumed a lot of fuel by the two-time converting the energy. Because already for the most fuel-efficient driving specified 160 km range by the plant mean with 9 liter tank capacity already almost 6 litres/100 km. 01/14

Rapid highway driving -> 100 km range -> 9 liters/100km

Read here about Range Extender.

Control of the energy input by Smartphone.

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