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2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom

It is the first Rolls-Royce after the takeover by BMW in 1998 to be decisively co-ordinated by the new owner. It has very little in common with its predecessor, the sixth generation of Phantom until 1991.

The first Phantom of the year 1925 and its successors have written as so-called 'best cars of the world' history. The last one is also called 'New Phantom' or 'Goodwood Phantom' because Bentleys are now equipped in Crewe.

In 2011, mainly with more speed steps for less CO2 and angular LED headlights, it 2017 runs off together with the coupé and convertible (drophead coupé). The successor emerges just under comparable iron secrecy as its predecessor.

Do not be fooled by the very conservative design. The body is made entirely of aluminum and manufactured in Dingolfing Germany), the engine in Munich. For such an absolute luxury good, of course, the final processing together with the many possibilities of individualization is particularly important. The workforce in Goodwood has until now grown from 350 to approximately 1,700. 04/17