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F7 F9 


Besides the 12-cylinder, this BMW product was probably the most sensational. From a middle engine-M racing project evolved a sports-car that was unique for a German car manufacturer. According to the rules of the racing sport, BMW was forced to design a certain series (homologation), in this case 400 pieces. The project could not be realized with the available capacities. It was handed over to Ital design and Lamborghini (production), but there were delays. BMW stepped in again, and involved Baur, which already built various convertible versions for BMW.

When the car finally came into the world in 1978, it was too late for racing. Instead of to integrate the car into existing car racing formulas,one create a new, in the form the Procar series, although only located in the context of the framework program of Formula 1. This gives selected private drivers the opportunity to compete with the five best F1 drivers in technically equivalent vehicles. The beautiful idea fails after few races in the actual determination of the professionals. Imagine a well-placed racer falls out by such a spectacle.

What remains is a special image with clear traces of Italian design. One will later recover this e.g. in 8 series coupe. Much important is the newly created letter 'M' (Motorsport) to the present time for particularly sporty BMW vehicles.

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