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1968 BMW 2002 ti

BMW builds strong spurt cars for the expected higher traffic density. This includes the at that time excellent undercarriage. It is not only packed into more fun to drive, but it is said the car has after considering the high mileage more safety reserves. The father of a family should be given arguments for his reluctant wife. So it is at this time. To sporty women probably one have yet not turned.

The suspension is turned out rightly in the advertising folder. However it is a little exaggerated referred as 'life insurance'. The experience teaches that those who can do more, also try more. Of course, the engine is mentioned, which does latest from two liters cubic capacity with the car what the driver wants. The overhead camshaft is at the time not yet standard in passenger cars.

Actually, this early 02 series have only what is absolutely necessary for fast forward movement. Viewed from today, this car would be purist call. The beams are thin, there are no seat belts. Instead there is a never return circumferential visibility. The seats are with reclining seat fittings and plastic exterior and fabric center sections.

Even the 2002 was merry way with the two-liter engine in this car under 1,000 kg weight. At the TI are added with the two 40 dual carburetors from Solex and according shaped intake pipes another 15 kW (20 hp). The 'I' in this case stands not for 'injection'. It was still available for the 'Tii' with Kugelfischer injection and even 7.5 kW (10 hp) more. In addition to the tyres for the higher final speed brakes and suspension are greatly enhanced.

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