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1989 BMW 840/850 (E 31)

Actually, the engines would have to be presented in a different order top, because at first there was only the smaller twelve-cylinder. The twelve-cylinder was only revised for model year 1993, that with only half a litre more displacement immediately came out 100 Nm more torque at even 100/min less rpm. The changeover to premium gasoline has certainly helped here.

The eight-cylinder had in contrast to the other both each two chain-driven camshafts per cylinder bank and four-valve technology. But even the more developed twelve-cylinder already had drive-by-wire, the driver's will was directly converted into torque. Unusually, that such a powerful engine was available with a manual transmission specially developed for this coupé, what of course benefited the performance.

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The eight-cylinder eas available with an automatic transmission at its finest. She learned on the basis of the driver behaviour, as they had to sort the gears. But driving programs were also selectable. All versions were optionally available with the automatic stability control, not entirely unfounded with so much torque on a slightly less loaded rear axle. By the way, the was also at its finest, has even steered a little if needed.

Mechanical influence of the rear axle steering angle

The two clubs of the Friends of the 8 series BMW they met these days. Because this BMW is celebrating its 25th anniversary, if you take the presentation date at the IAA as a basis. This coupé was thus the second twelve-cylinder, with the BMW was expanded into new worlds. Although the technique came from the introduced two years earlier 750, there was yet a whole lot of features. At such a worthy car celebrating his jubilee, we leave the question unanswered whether the rae really fits to the front with pop-up headlights.

Side air vents in the doors

Elegant it is, no question. To this contributes in addition to the flat front, the incomprehensible enough, still houses the large motor, also the absence of B-pillars. Therefore, the seat belts has rolled up on the seat backs with a one-sided bracket to the headrest. There was an airbag for driver and for an additional charge one for the front passenger in 1993. The rear seat backs were now to fold down. The side windows were electrically fully retractable and moved slightly down when opening the door and only fully up again after its closing.

Built and sold 30,621

The consumption should not seen too critical given the empty weight because its pain threshold is already mapped to an upwardly open scale. It was striking, however, that it shall move up to 120 km/h even in relatively moderate range of about 10 litres/100 km, but in city traffic doubled. Also the fact that you even could equip such a car from the factory even with adjustable damping, nobler leather, memory for the driver seat, other colour matching and even other rims, remained for an average wage earner . . . 06/14

No direct successor

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