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2013 BMW 4er Coupé

Let's face it, the Bavarians did not really knew what to do with the lower even numbers in the model designation for a long time, although there is the 6 series since 1975. We cover the cloak of silence over the 8 series. Now there is the 4 series and the 2 series will not have to wait too long in coming. The public rub their eyes in amazement, because the 4er Coupe is actually (about 2000 euros more expensive) a 3 series Coupe.

How is defined a new model range?

BMW even speaks of a 'predecessor', although the 4-series is only now beginning. New is a larger wheelbase, but it corresponds more to a clever rationalization measure, because from now this is the same for 3 series Sedan and 4 series Coupe. In addition, a further sharpened design and for the whole series more assistants. BMW seems to manage to create from the formerly low-priced model of the series, a rather more expensive.

Infotainment ahead of the competition ...

Especially convertible buyers also think differently about accessories as potential buyers of the entry-level model. And then follow still Convertible and Coupe Gran Lusso. Instead, there are chic openings the side behind the front wheels. The technical importance we might better clarify later.

Drag coefficient chases behind the competition ...

Lower it has become, but is a drag coefficient from 0.28 to 0.30 for a brand new coupe from 35,700 euros not a little too high. At the Mercedes CLA, the value varies still more, but anyhow reaches an optimum value of 0.23. Maybe the optionally available adaptive suspension with 10 cm lowering helps here. 06/13

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