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  BMW i3 Production

1. Moses Lake. Location shots. Flight around the factory buildings of SGL ACF. Logo of SGL ACF beside the driveway and the office building. Various settings.

2. Production gate. Gate area. Precursor is pulled up. Various settings. The precursor is spread and placed in webs.

3. Oxidation furnaces. Production hall. White precursor. Oxidation steps of the precursor from white via gold, copper, brown to black. Various settings. Winders. Winding the carbon fiber threads. Supervisory staff passes the oxidation furnaces.

4. Low-temperature furnace

5. Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dams. Hydropower plants. Aerial photographs of the Columbia River and the Wanapum Dam. Dam with open locks.

6. Carbon fiber production step by step

7. CFRP production SGL ACF. plant Wackersdorf.
Biaxial equipment, decoiling, spread threads, knit layers, temper scrims/apply binder, wind up scrims. The carbon fiber threads are decoiled depending on the working width and grammage from 90-560 coils simultaneously, the deflection over a plurality of round profiles results in an increase of the yarn width, carbon fiber and glass fiber layer will sewn with a sewing thread according to a defined sewing pattern together to a scrim, by heat/temperature, the sewing thread is shrunk. Then applied the binder powder, which is also heated so that the powder is softened, is adhered to the scrim and partially penetrates into the structure. Scrim is rolled up on core and cut off after reaching the piece length.

8. BMW i3 production, plant Leipzig. CFRP production, preform installation. Stacks (textile mats) are moved to preform installation, process from front, laterally close. Stacks arrive in installation, go up to preforming. A mat is taken and inserted. Geometry of the component is created. Preform parts cut by robots. Preform tool front laterally, total and nearby. Ready preform parts on the assembly line. Supervisory personnel passes by the oxidation furnaces.

9. RTM Presse.
Preform is inserted in side frames. Gripper lowers down to preform assembly table. Drive side frame of prefabrication table into the Bottom tool. Press lowers itself on component, mixing head for resin injection nearby. Gripper picks finished side frame from tool.

10. Water jet cutting.
Side frame drives into installation. Various settings from the cut by robots. Finished cut side frames leave the installation.

11. Produktion BMW i3, plant Dingolfing.
High-voltage battery module manufacturing/packeting.
Cells are provided in paperboard container. Cells are provided for testing and cleaning. Surface cleaning before bonding: plasma cleaning. Apply adhesive to cells. Employee places ready aluminum plates and insulation jackets. Joint and glue of the component parts to one module (12 cells in a module), various settings. Robot places the modules ready. Cell contact system is set on the module by the employee. Laser welding. Completion of the module production.

12. Accumulator installation
Aluminum container is provided, and the cooling system inlaid. Joining the individual components (high-voltage plug, valve, electronics and cooling system). Modules (package of 8) are automatically placed into accumulator and screwed. Harness is attached by the employee and the cover placed thereon. Cover is automatically screwed. Test facility.

13. Drive module.
Robot takes front axle module from the rotary table. Front and rear axle modules will deposited. Robot picks up the longitudinal beams and adds to the front and rear axles module. Welding of the drive module. Bolts shooting (attachment points). Measuring station: test facility, drive module including high-voltage accumulator and wheels, various shots.

14. E-gearbox.
Wheel set mounting: press on of bearings and joining of the shafts. Teeth are combed into each other. Wheelset is assembled into the housing. Sealant by robots. Lid will pre-screwed. Lid is automatically screwed. X and O-ring mounting and insert of the sealing caps. Sticker is stuck on the e-gearbox.

15. Production BMW i3, plant Landshut.
Electric motor.
Coiling and drawing-in machines: Copper wires are coiled onto spools. Presses: Forming of the stator/expander: coil will pushed apart. Bandaging machine: The coils are fixed. Current heat and UV impregnation: Resin dipping. Rotor manufacturing: 6 sheet metal segments, each 12 small and 12 large magnets are inserted. Supporting discs are joined together. Final assembly: The engine is mounted on the workpiece carrier. Power electronics is screwed to the engine. Engine number is carved into.

16. Cockpit.
Thermoforming: foil is drawn in, strained, heated and punched out. Backfoaming: Order foam by robot. Carrier and plastic skin adhered to each other, softer surface. Milling station: robot mills carrier. Adhesive is applied to leather and the carrier part. Press-lamination: adhesive is heated and then pressed on the leather. Infrared welding. Mounting: cockpit is mounted, extension divider is screwed and the cockpit is checked.

17. Production, plant Leipzig bodywork.
BMW i production. CFK production SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, Plant Moses Lake. Body framework: Joining of side frames (right, left) to bottom group. Clean and glue. Side framework. Cleaning. Joining of further components. Control.

18. TEK-technology exterior components
Injection molding machine (plastic granulate is melted). Mass is injected into and embossed. Frame and outer skin are glued together. Flaming. Injection molding machine. Components are placed on skits. Preparation for the paint shop. CO2 installation: surface cleaning. Flaming. Filler. Base lacquer. clear lacquer.

19. Mounting
Production hall. Body various shots. Roof assembly. Roof mounting. Door- and window mechanism mounting, various shots. Installation interior mechanics, various shots. Trunk door mounting. Assembly of the floor. Built-in electric motor. Productions path, various shots. Built-in electric motor/internal mechanics, various shots. Body completion/testing, wedding.

20. Final assembly.
Production flow. General testing.

21. Exterior shots plant Leipzig               Top of page               Index
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