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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...


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  Hyundai Santa Fe

EngineInline four-cylinder
Displacement (bore * stroke)
Mixture formationDirect injection
Drive trainFront engine, all-wheel drive
Wheelbase2.700 mm
Turning circle10.400 mm
BrakesDisk-braken, front ventilated
Wheels235/65 R 17 (7") up to 235/55 R 19 (7,5")
Length4.690 mm
Width1.880 mm
Height1.645 mm
Tank capacity64 litres
Load volume516 - 1.615 litres
Top speed
Year of manufactureFrom 2016

What is a facelift? In this case, a design in which externally only the bumpers have been changed, which includes modified fog lights and LED daytime running lights. It should have been scored a greater family resemblance. In addition to the usual processing routine the interior materials have been improved. Soon you will need to distinguish between 'facelift' and 'upgrade'.

More important perhaps, the brake assistant. It calls attention to any unexpected emergency situation:
1. by visual display.
2. by acoustic warning
3. by increasing the braking force.

You probably should not rely one hundred percent on it. In addition, a 180° rear camera helps, for example, when leaving a parking space. Radar technology helps the assistant, to avoid collisions during lane changes.

And if you still do not know exactly what is actually a SUV for the city, then be sure to check the headlines from the Hyundai-brochure:

Emotional German headlines.
The city has a new face.
Exceptionally attractive from all sides.
You will achieve easily much more.
Every seat is a first place.
An experience, meter by meter.
Flexibility at the highest level.
An appearance, impressing strongly.
Force and rationality perfectly united.
Companion and protector.
From head to toe in the best hands.
A strong character for each demand.
On request, even better shape.
More comfort and best entertainment.
Guarantees and partnerships.
© Hyundai Germany (translated)

Less emotional British headlines.
Storm edge design is the height of sophistication
Carefully selected textures, there's no detail too small.
Forward-thinking technology that backs itself up.
A flexible layout to suit your lifestyle.
Great in all conditions, perfect for the British weather.
Power, efficiency and refinement. It's got it all
Refined safety features for guaranteed peace of mind.
© Hyundai

Very practical US headlines, prioritizing families.
Designed for families that know how to roll..
Some families need a bigger base camp than others.
Holds five. And your attention, too.
Santa Fe surrounds you with hi-tech safety.
At Hyundai, we believe in building communities, too.
© Hyundai