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  Hyundai ix 20

Hyundai ix20
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement, (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine controldohc, 4 valves per cylinder, variable control
Mixture preparation
Drive trainFront drive transversal
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspensionTwist-beam axle
BrakesDisc brakes, front ventilated
Wheels195/65 R 15 (6") up to
205/55 R 16 (6")
Wheelbase2.615 mm
Turning circle10.400 mm
Length4.100 mm
Width1.765 mm
Height1.600 mm
Tank capacity50 litres
Load volume440-1.486 litres
Kerb weight
Top speed
Purchase price
Year of manufactureFrom 2010
Electric system

These are pretty much the most sensible buyers interested in a Hyundai ix 20 and its competitors. You are looking for maximum space on a manageable traffic area even in the city. And since, the ix 20 has with a little over 4 meters in length qualities definitely.

One sits high, pleasing for the overview, comfortable rear also with slidable parts of the rear bench seat by 13 centimeters. Of course, the measure of 1,486 litres can only be achieved when loaded to the roof, but already the being available luggage space with four seats accommodates e.g. a collapsible stroller with ease.

That seems to be the keyword: family-friendly. Even the pleasant driving comfort fits to it, unfortunately also the something unexact steering. And the proximity to the customer appears to be important for the manufacturer, because the ix 20 received its finishing touches at the Design Center in Rüsselsheim.

Thus, the ix 20 does not show any weakness. It is in no way inferior compared to its competitors, handle just as those the accumulation of buttons at the steering wheel. By the way, one should not let bluff of the type designation. The 'ix' probably stands for models outside the normal model serie. The with the '5 ' behind then characterize probably the SUVs.

'blue' for 400 €, but only from equipment 'Trend' . . .

Important to mention are the again more environmentally friendly blue variants. They save up to 10 g/km CO2 and corresponding consumption, however, mainly due to start-stop system. So if one wants or needs to do more distances with this car, perhaps can do without it. Then, a diesel engine would not be bad, after all, more favourable than the larger petrol engine.

5 years warranty

Hyundai advertises addition to the warranty on the paint with a mobility guarantee for 15 years or 200,000 km. However, one is so in competition for example to VW, where one takes very seriously Hyundai as a major competitor as is generally known. In this case, however, the point goes to VW, because there the mobility guarantee is effective indefinitely by any inspection and can be re-enacted by a visit to the workshop.

If you can not purchase the car for a cheap package price, unfortunately a lot of thought is necessary for the relatively expensive Trend equipment. After all, there is the air conditioning system for € 1,000 extra, but eg not the splendid rear view camera (Trend + € 1,300). All these considerations, however, are null and void when one decides for the sporty 1.6 l petrol engine, the in any case is available only with 'Trend'. 04/14