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Honda VTEC


2015 HR-V
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2015 NSX
2015 CR-V
2014 Civic Tourer
2012 GoldWing
2012 Civic
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2004 Rune
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1999 S 2000
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1967 N 600
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1965 N 800
1959 CB 92

Honda N 600

Honda N 600
EngineTwo-cylinder in-line
Displacement (bore*stroke)599 cm³ (74,0 mm * 69,6 mm)
Compression ratio8,5 : 1
Engine controlSohc
Valves2 per cylinder
Mixture preparationConstant depression carburetor
Torque52 Nm at 5000 rpm
Power28 kW (38 HP) at 6000 rpm
DrivetrainFront drive, transverse
TransmissionManual four-speed, automatic three-speed (option)
Wheelbase2.000 mm
Wheels5.20 - 10
145 SR 10
Length3.100 mm
Width1.295 mm
Height1.325 mm
Kerb weight600 kg + driver
Maximum speed130 km/h
Manufactured1967 - 1973
Purchase price4.894 DM

Could be bought this car really only when one was unreasonable? In Germany, certainly, the rest of Europe or even in Asia, one sees it quite differently. In Germany, the car loses the comparison test with flying colors. But Honda has despite, or perhaps even a little enforced because of this car.

What amazed the owner of prejudice, is the quality despite the low purchase prices. But e.g. the behavior of rust is not examined in the comparison test, otherwise the Renault 4 would have come below the N 600. Today one looks for cars with honest 7 litres/100 km fuel consumption.

Which car is just over 3 meter long? That's not quite the dimensions of the new Smart, but four (scarce) seats and and a yet acceptable luggage space thanks to the spare wheel in the engine compartment. Please keep in mind the car is from 1967, or in Japan even a year earlier. Too bad for people that let it reduce then in order to drive on with their old driving licence. 01/12