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Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz there is with us now in the 3rd generation since 2001. If interested, as were shot this City/Jazz sales videos, take a look at the lowermost on this page. It has been sold in the world more than 5 million times in the 14 years, but at least obviously weakens slightly on the German market. The choice has narrowed. After all, the now still offered 1.3 l petrol engine is more fuel efficient than the previous 1.2 litre despite an increased top speed opposite to the previous 1.4 litre. The hybrid from 2011 shall offered no longer.

It probably owes the hydride even the adherence to the CVT transmission. The engine is striking due to its second highest compression after the SkyActive engine from Mazda. It remains to be seen whether that is always complied when driving or represents only the geometric maximum attainable value, After all, there is still i-VTEC, what creates possible variability here. Furthermore, the number of revolutions of the maximum torque is relatively high. However, there is no information whether the engine can also be driven with relatively minimal gear changes.

Production in seven different countries

Basically, can be stated that the small cars from the Far East, especially those from Japan, have an ingenious utilization of space. The Jazz provides with the platform concept and the principle of "Maximum for Men, Minimum for Machine" about as much or even more interior like many a European 4.20 metres car. In addition, the arrangement of the tank is under the front seats, which is, however, a bit scarce. Add to this the 'Magic Seats®' called 4-seat mechanism for folding down.

Third generation with improved space conditions

The purchase price is not the cheapest compared to competitors, but includes as standard the air conditioning, the smaller 5-inch screen, emergency brake assist and adaptable cruise control. Not self-evident in this vehicle class is the highbeam assist, offered in the higher equipment versions. Neither case of the touch screen, nor the Connect, respectively the other assistants offered, Honda gives itself a nakedness here. The steering is perceived sometimes as something too smooth, praised the noise attenuation. 11/17

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