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Honda VTEC


2015 HR-V
2015 Jazz
2015 NSX
2015 CR-V
2014 Civic Tourer
2012 GoldWing
2012 Civic
2011 CB 2011
2005 Repsol
2004 Rune
2003 Racing Bike
1999 S 2000
1997 1000 VTR
1992 Prelude
1992 Civic
1990 NSX
1990 750 VFR
1990 F1-engine
1988 McLaren MP4-4-Honda
1987 CBR 1000 F
1986 VFR 750
1986 VF 1000 R
1986 CBR 600 F
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1978 1000 CBX
1976 1000 RCB
1975 GoldWing
1972 Civic
1970 Z Coupe
1967 N 600
1967 N 360
1965 S 800
1965 N 800
1959 CB 92

  Honda S 2000

Drive trainInline four-cylinder
Displacement (bore* stroke)1.997 cm³ (87,0 mm * 84,0 mm)
Compression ratio11 : 1
Engine controlDOHC, VTEC
Mixture preparationPetrol injection., G-Kat, E4
Fuel qualitySuper (ROZ 98)
Torque208 Nm at 7500 rpm (!)
Performance177 kW (240 HP) at 8300 rpm
Max. speed9000 rpm
Drive trainFront-/mid-engine, rear drive
Axle driveElectronic limited slip differential
Wheelbase2.400 mm
Turning circle10.800 mm
Suspension f/rDouble wishbone
SteeringElectric motor on the gear rack
BrakesDisks, front ventilated, ABS, EBD
Tyres f/r205/55 VR 16 / 225/45 VR 16, in spite of 50:50 weight distribution, slightly oversteering
Length4.135 mm
Width1.750 mm
Height1.285 mm
Luggage compartment143 litres
Tank capacity50 litres
Kerb weight1.260 kg + driver
Top speedApprox. 240 km/h
ManufacturedFrom 1999 (D)
PredecessorS 800 (1965)

4 kg/kW

You must have seen. Art comes but still of ability and although we all consider ourselves for the best drivers the world, there are perhaps even better. Check out below (as long as it is reachable), as someone in a Honda S2000 is overtaking far stronger vehicles. Pity that the passenger aside him is without helmet.

A legendary car to dubious fame in American road race in the 90s of the last century, among others against the Nissan 350 Z. The dubios fame has nothing to do with the performance of this car. Again and again, the testers swarm that even 3000 rpm additionally are available, where with other other engines gears have to be changed.

Hondas competence in engine construction

Worldwide it is at this time (2006) the production car with the highest specific power output, aside from turbocharged engines. He probably also has with over 9.000 rpm the highest maximum speed. It seems to be nearly British, but as the ultimate driving machine it does not have much in common with the classical roadster. The body caps are made of aluminum. Chassis and engine are very close to the race technology. Mounted in a coupe the effect would be even more efficient. Still it has achieved in endurance racings successes more than respect.

In 6,2 seconds from zero upto 100 km/h

For nowhere outside of the Far Eastern production is obtained so much fun for the same money. And what you see in the picture above, is part of the magic potion that allows the engine a second wind, because higher and wider cams open both intake valves more above a certain speed. Plus, there are aluminized cylinders, reinforced by carbon fibers. Enduring the engine is well, otherwise the manufacturer would not guarantee 100,000 km or three years.

The Roadster is presented in 1997 as a prototype in Geneva. It is produced in the factory Takanezawa in Tochigi (Japan), called the NSX factory. Then it came to the market, initially for about 65,000 DM, later 35,000 upto 39,000 euros. In 1999 it is became 'Cabrio of the year' by the journalists in Geneva, too.

The closing of the cloth cap is done with the electric locking mechanism with pulled handbrake quickly in 6 seconds. But before that is of course the cover to remove and stow in the luggage compartment. At the end still pressing the two locking bolt above the windshield. 02/16